Guitar legend Carlos Santana reunites with ex-drummer who now lives off the streets

In a heart touching moment, guitar legend Carlos Santana was reunited with his former drummer Marcus Malone after about 40 years. Marcus Malone has been living off the streets and begging to fill his stomach. PICS, VIDEO INSIDE

world Updated: Dec 23, 2013 09:09 IST
Tania Goklany
Tania Goklany
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"And if you say this life ain't good enough
I would give my world to lift you up"

These are the lyrics of the guitar legend Carlos Santana's award winning song Smooth from the album Supernatural.

He now has the opportunity to actually live up to these lyrics after being reunited with his old drummer, Marcus Malone, about 40 years after parting ways.

Marcus Malone has been living on the streets for decades. All he has to boast about, unlike the rockstar who made it big, is a $800 pair of discarded jeans he found himself in trash.

Marcus Malone during his scavenging routine.

"My name is Marcus, Marcus Malone. At one time I was in the Santana band, the original Santana Blues Band," the landscaper tells Stanley Roberts, a news reporter in Oakland, California.

"Now I'm homeless and on the streets," he tells the reporter while rummaging through piles of trash for valuables.

Turns out, he was telling the truth - he was the percussionist for the band. He was forced to quit some 40 years ago in the late '60s due to personal problems.

On learning about Malone's situation, Santana made numerous trips to Oakland looking for Marcus. After failed attempts his manager reached out to Roberts via Facebook who tracked him down in less than 20 minutes.

Next thing you know, Roberts is leading Marcus to meet Santana.

Marcus Malone being led to meet Carlos Santana.

'Man! You don’t know how hard I prayed to get to see you,' Marcus exclaimed on seeing Santana.

"Marcus the magnificent Malone,' Santana said as he embraced the drummer.

'It is an honor to be in your presence, man,' Santana tells Malone. 'I always cherish you, man.'

Later, Santana said of Malone that his ‘spirit is indomitable.'

Marcus Malone (R) and Carlos Santana hug it out on meeting after 40 years.
Marcus Malone (R) with Carlos Santana.
Malone, pictured in this old photo from the 1960s in a sombrero, with Santana Blues Band.
Marcus Malone (L) with Carlos Santana (R).

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