World Cup 2015, Pakistan vs South Africa wicket highlights: How South Africa lost their way

Pakistan clinched a thrilling 29-run over South Africa at the World Cup on Saturday to put themselves on course for the quarter-finals.

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Pakistan clinched a thrilling 29-run over South Africa at the World Cup on Saturday to put themselves on course for the quarter-finals.

Chasing 232 to win under the Duckworth-Lewis method at Eden Park, Pakistan claimed a third successive victory by bowling out the highly-rated Proteas for 202 despite captain AB de Villiers' valiant 77.

Rahat Ali grabbed a career-best 3-40, Mohammad Irfan (3-52) and Wahab Riaz (3-45) as South Africa, chasing a revised target in 47 overs, were bowled out 33.3 overs.

South Africa also have three wins in five matches.

Pakistan's innings, twice interrupted by rain before it was reduced to 47 overs, folded in 46.4 overs for 222 with skipper Misbah-ul-Haq scoring 56 and Sarfraz Ahmed making 49.

Dale Steyn took 3-30 off his 10 overs.

Wicket highlights from the South Africa innings

33.3 overs | W. RIAZ TO I. TAHIR
OUT! Done and dusted! Good length ball outside off, Tahir throws his bat at it to play and gets an outside edge. Sarfraz again in the action completes the catch behind the stumps and takes his sixth catch of the match. PAKISTAN WIN A CLOSE GAME in the end as they win by 29 runs.

32.2 overs | S. KHAN TO DE VILLIERS
OUT! Well played AB! Sohail gets the dangerous and all important wicket of de Villiers! Bangs it in short on middle and off, de Villiers charges down to pull it away but lands up getting the faintest of outside edges and Sarfraz holds onto the most crucial catch of his career. Sarfraz has his fifth catch of the day.

29.2 overs | R. ALI TO K. ABBOTT
OUT! Abbott is a goner! Good length ball on middle and shaping back a bit. Abbott looks to defend but gets squared up and gets an outside edge to second slip. Younis Khan there takes a nice low catch. This match is heading towards a close contest!

23.6 overs | M. IRFAN TO D. STEYN
OUT! Steyn departs! Angles a length ball across off, Steyn heaves across the line and gets an outside edge. Sarfraz leaps up and takes a good catch to get rid of Steyn. Steyn was living dangerously and he departs playing a rash shot.

19.4 overs | M. IRFAN TO JP DUMINY
OUT! The bowling change does the trick! Bangs it in short on middle and leg, Duminy goes for the pull and gets a top edge. The ball balloons in the air towards fine leg. Riaz runs in a bit and takes a fine catch. Duminy is gone and the Proteas have lost all their batters except the skipper. It's going to be tough from here on for the Proteas.

15.5 overs | R. ALI TO D. MILLER
OUT! Ali gets his man! Fires in a yorker on middle and leg, Miller was not expecting that as he his startled by that delivery. He looks to squeeze it out but misses and the ball thuds onto his boots. An appeal by Ali and the umpire gives him out. Miller decides to take the review. Replays suggest the ball pitched in line and hit middle and leg. The decision stays and Miller has to take the long walk back. A waste of a review by Miller.

OUT! Riaz strikes again! Bangs it in short on middle and leg, Rossouw pulls it towards fine leg but finds the fielder. Sohail stationed there takes a simple catch and Riaz has another wicket to his name. The Proteas are four down now and are looking in some sort of trouble.

10.1 | W. RIAZ TO H. AMLA
OUT! Wahab strikes straightaway! Sarfraz takes a brilliant catch! Good length ball angled across off, Amla pokes at it and lands up getting an outside edge. The ball flies behind the stumps, Sarfraz behind dives to his right and takes a stunner to dismiss the dangerous looking Amla. The umpire though wants to re-check whether the catch was taken cleanly. Replays show the catch was taken cleanly and Amla walks back.

9.3 overs | R. ALI TO DU PLESSIS
OUT! du Plessis is a goner! A fraction short, angled across off, du Plessis looks to run it down but gets a faint tickle. Sarfraz takes the simplest of catches and the partnership has been broken.

0.2 overs | M. IRFAN TO DE KOCK
OUT! de Kock's poor run continues! Good length ball on off, He hangs his bat as he looks to defend but is all squared up. The ball takes the outside edge and Sarfraz behind the stumps takes a regulation catch to send de Kock packing. Irfan strikes early.


Highlights from the Pakistan Innings

46.4 overs | M. MORKEL TO S. KHAN
OUT! Pakistan's innings comes to an end! Pitched up ball on middle and leg, Sohail backs away and heaves it across the line but gets the toe end of the bat. The ball spoons high in the air towards mid off. Duminy settles under it and takes a fine catch to get Pakistan all out. PAKISTAN ARE RESTRICTED TO 222 as the Proteas bowl them out.

45.2 overs | D. STEYN TO R. ALI
OUT! Steyn gets his third scalp! Fullish ball on middle and off, Rahat backs away and looks to clear long off but does not get the elevation nor the timing as he just ends up forcing it through to mid off. Tahir runs back a bit to his right and takes a good running catch to end Rahat's short stay at the crease.

43.5 overs | D. STEYN TO MISBAH
OUT! Calm as a cucumber there Morkel! Bangs it in short outside off, Misbah leaps up and upper cuts it towards third man. Morkel stationed at the fence settles under it and takes a good catch near the ropes to dismiss the skipper. Pakistan after the rain delay has lost their third wicket now.

42.1 overs | I. TAHIR TO W. RIAZ
OUT! Another one goes down! Quicker and full on middle and off, Riaz gets down on one knee to sweep it but misses the line of the ball and the ball hits him on the pads. Tahir appeals and the umpire gives out straightaway. Riaz is not convinced though and he decides to take the review. Replays suggest the ball pitched in line and clips the off stump and thus the umpire's call stays and Riaz has to go.

41.4 overs | D. STEYN TO S. AFRIDI
OUT! Caught in the deep! Another short ball from Steyn and Afridi goes for the same pull shot but this time he gets a top edge. The ball goes high in the air and towards deep square leg where Duminy takes a simple catch. Steyn gets his first wicket and Afridi has to depart.

36.5 overs | M. MORKEL TO U. AKMAL
OUT! The Proteas strike at a crucial time again! Bangs it in short on off, Akmal goes for the pull but does not get enough on it as the ball flies towards mid on. de Villiers stationed there does not miss out on catches as he takes a good catch and Akmal has to take the long walk back. de Villiers was taken aback a bit as that ball traveled quicker than he expected but nonetheless a good catch in the end.

31.6 overs | K. ABBOTT TO S. MAQSOOD
OUT! Abbott strikes! A fraction short on off, Maqsood stands back and punches it to point but finds the fielder. Rossouw stationed there gobbles up his second catch and sends Maqsood packing.

26.4 overs | DE VILLIERS TO Y. KHAN
OUT! The skipper rolls his arm and guess what he gets a wicket! On a length on middle and off, Younis looks to work it to the on side but gets a leading edge. The ball flies towards covers where Rossouw is stationed and he takes the simplest of catches. Soft dismissal and just when Pakistan were looking good the Proteas strike.

RUN OUT! What a sorry end to Sarfraz's innings! Fullish ball on middle and leg, Sarfraz tucks it towards deep square leg. Miller runs in and fires in a throw at the striker's end as Sarfraz comes back for the second. He puts in a dive but in the end the throw was too good as de Kock clips the bails and runs him out.

8.4 overs | K. ABBOTT TO A. SHEHZAD
OUT! Stunner from Steyn! On a length on middle and leg, Shehzad looks to works it across but gets a leading edge towards wide mid on. Steyn runs sideways and pulls of a blinder of a catch diving to his right. The Proteas get their first breakthrough..


Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Sarfraz Ahmed, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq (capt), Sohaib Maqsood, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz, Sohail Khan, Rahat Ali, Mohammad Irfan

South Africa: Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers (capt), Rilee Rossouw, David Miller, Jean-Paul Duminy, Dale Steyn, Kyle Abbott, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir

Referees: Richard Kettleborough (Umpire), Bruce Oxenford (Umpire), Chris Gaffaney (TV umpire), Chris Broad (Match referee)

First Published: Mar 07, 2015 11:45 IST