Friday Finance

So, where does Aviva Life Insurance come into the picture, you'd ask? Right here! We are here to help them figure out exactly what they are seeking and how they can go about it. Jatin, Naina, Shayan and Sanchit got 5 financial advices from us. If you are any one of these friends in your own group, and are up for some fun and truth about finances, read on:

Friday Finance

Investing in the right places can save you from hefty taxes.

Including Insurance Plans in your investment portfolio not only gives you extra 'pocket money' by saving tax deductions, but also provides financial security when needed the most. Understand how to save money in the right places and start early!

(Tax benefits are as per prevailing tax laws, which are subject to change)
Friday Finance

Health is most definitely wealth, and also requires enough wealth.

With this fast-paced life, have come names of illnesses that we haven't even heard of in the past. Who's to say how much you would need to save for an unforeseen health emergency? This is serious; I mean, who are we kidding when we say 'Why do I need a Health Insurance Plan?', unless, of course, amounts in 7-8 digits are like street shopping for you!

We can go on, but for now that's a wrap here. If you do feel you need to know more about any of the
above or more, visit us here.

Happy Friday light reading, ya'll

Friday Finance

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