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May 27, 2019-Monday
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  • It appears that the PM in this term is seeking to be a truly unifying figure. And this is coming from a position of supreme strength and confidence.
    May 27, 2019 08:16 IST
    By reaching out to his allies, even though the BJP on its own has a majority, he presented a politically inclusive image, laced with statesmanship. more
  • Outsiders have watched with a mix of awe and embarrassment at how Ms May has stoically stumbled from one Brexit humiliation to another over the past two years.
    May 27, 2019 08:09 IST
    This will bring Britain the closest it has been so far to a full break with the EU, without any sort of economic union. This will deliver a sharp economic cost to Britain, driving its economy into recession and making it far less attractive as an investment site for Indian and other more
  • Unless Pakistan takes measures to establish a peace economy, attract foreign direct investment, and expand its regional connectivity, the hopes of CPEC transforming the country’s economy will remain a pipe dream.
    May 27, 2019 14:53 IST
    Pakistan must embark on other economic reforms such as increasing tax revenues, measures to attract FDI, more investments in education, health, science and technology to increase local productivity, introducing cashless digital economy and setting up strong regulatory mechanisms. more
    Yogesh Gupta
    Yogesh Gupta
  • Indo-US talks could resume whenever Modi government 2.0 is ready, but it does not apparently have much time.
    May 27, 2019 08:12 IST
    While Washington was prepared to continue these talks with whichever party won the elections, many analysts argued that the BJP and Modi were “more open to aligning with US regional strategy” of balancing China and “more energetic in pursuing economic reforms” more
    Yahwant Raj
    Yahwant Raj