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US lander that tipped over during lunar touchdown shares 1st images from moon

Published on Feb 27, 2024 09:12 AM IST

NASA is planning to return astronauts to the Moon later this decade, and paid Intuitive Machines around $120 million for the mission.

Image of the moon sent by US lunar lander.(X/Intuitive Machines)

Japan's moon lander unexpectedly survives freezing lunar night

Japan's lander re-established communication with the Earth more than a month after it made a touchdown on the moon.

This handout photo shows the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) mission, after landing on the Moon on January 20. (AFP)
Updated on Feb 26, 2024 02:05 PM IST
Reuters |

Statue of Unity is not just a ‘static wonder’; it has ‘oscillators’. Know why

The Statue of Unity, hailed as a significant contemporary achievement, stands as the world's tallest monument honouring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Statue of Unity: The construction of this monumental structure concluded in mid-October 2018, with the inaugural ceremony taking place on October 31, 2018,
Published on Feb 23, 2024 09:35 PM IST

IISc scientists create synthetic antibody to neutralise lethal snakebite toxin

Researchers say that this breakthrough brings us closer to a universal antibody solution, offering broad protection against diverse snake venoms.

Snake bites cause thousands of deaths every year, especially in India and sub-Saharan Africa. (HT file photo)
Published on Feb 23, 2024 05:01 PM IST

This scientist has led the way in tapping into the quantum world for new tech

Aditi Sen De received the GD Birla Award for Scientific Excellence for her contribution to the field of quantum technologies. Simply put, here's what she does

Dr Aditi Sen De(Sheeraz Rizvi/HT Photo)
Updated on Feb 23, 2024 04:20 PM IST

Gaganyaan mission: ISRO completes human rating of its CE20 cryogenic engine

The Gaganyaan mission aims to launch a crew of three humans into an orbit of 400 km for a three-day mission and bring them back safely to earth.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully completed the human rating of its CE20 cryogenic engine, an official said on Wednesday.(File photo)
Published on Feb 21, 2024 03:46 PM IST
ByAdarsh Kumar Gupta

INSAT-3DS launch today: Why is the rocket called ‘naughty boy’ of ISRO?

ISRO is all set to launch its GSLV F14/INSAT-3DS mission from Sriharikota launch site today evening at 5:35 pm.

ISRO will launch the weather satellite INSAT-3DS on Saturday (PTI)(PTI)
Updated on Feb 17, 2024 02:40 PM IST
ByVaishnawi Sinha

Countdown for ISRO's INSAT-3DS satellite launch begins: All about the mission

ISRO will launch the meteorological INSAT-3DS satellite tomorrow from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR at Sriharikota.

ISRO's INSAT-3DS mission to be launched tomorrow(ISRO/X)
Updated on Feb 17, 2024 02:41 PM IST
ByVaishnawi Sinha

Several companies are testing brain implants - why is there so much attention swirling around Neuralink? Two professors unpack the ethical issues

Several companies are testing brain implants - why is there so much attention swirling around Neuralink? Two professors unpack the ethical issues

HT Image
Published on Feb 15, 2024 11:09 AM IST

Scientists accidentally find a mysterious one-km-long wall in Baltic Sea

Stone Age wall discovered beneath Baltic sea in Germany, believed to be oldest megastructure in Europe

White arrows point at the Blinkerwall.(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.)
Published on Feb 13, 2024 05:55 PM IST

‘Science Mystery’: Stingray impregnated by a shark in North Carolina?

A pregnant stingray in a North Carolina aquarium was discovered despite the tank not having any of its male counterparts. Is shark play involved?

A child looks at a stingray at Manila Ocean Park in Manila on February 8, 2024. (Photo by JAM STA ROSA / AFP)(AFP)
Published on Feb 12, 2024 10:55 PM IST

Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme climate change within decades, study shows

Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme climate change within decades, study shows

HT Image
Updated on Feb 11, 2024 10:04 AM IST

US to launch next Moon mission on Valentine's Day

US to launch next Moon mission on Valentine's Day

HT Image
Updated on Feb 08, 2024 10:58 AM IST

Scientists study levels of toxic mercury in Antarctic seals, whales

Scientists at Spain's University of Murcia have previously found mercury in the feathers of chinstrap penguins on King George Island

A leopard seal (AFP)
Published on Feb 07, 2024 10:19 AM IST

What the world must do to tame methane

The world needs a deal during COP28 to limit a nasty source of emissions

FILE - A flare burns natural gas at an oil well Aug. 26, 2021, in Watford City, N.D. Oil and natural gas companies would have to pay a fee for methane emissions that exceed certain levels under a new rule proposed by the Biden administration. The rule, announced in December 2023, includes a two-year phase-in period for companies to eliminate routine flaring of natural gas from new oil wells. (AP Photo/Matthew Brown, File)(AP)
Published on Feb 04, 2024 08:09 AM IST
The Economist

China launches nine satellites into orbit on Jielong-3 rocket

Developed by China Rocket Co, a commercial offshoot of a state-owned launch vehicle manufacturer, Jielong-3 made its first flight in December 2022.

People walk past sounding rockets displayed at the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, in Zhuhai.(Reuters File)
Updated on Feb 03, 2024 08:59 PM IST
Reuters |

Antarctic volcano may hold clues to life on Mars

The horseshoe-shaped isle in the South Shetland Islands is the only place in the world where ships can sail into the caldera of an active volcano.

This NASA photo obtained May 23, 2021 shows NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter as it lands with a soft bounce(AFP)
Published on Feb 02, 2024 11:43 PM IST

Astronomers in Chile to use largest-ever digital camera to study universe

Beginning in early 2025, when the $800 million camera will snap its first photos, the machine will sweep the sky every three days.

Aerial view of Vera C. Rubin Observatory located in the Pachon hill, approximately 80 km from the city of La Serena, in the Coquimbo Region, Chile, taken on January 24, 2024. Surrounded by desert-like mountains and under the blue skies of northern Chile, the Vera C. Rubin Observatory will revolutionize the study of the universe when it incorporates the largest digital camera ever built in the world. (AFP)
Published on Jan 31, 2024 02:35 PM IST

Nasa's rover data confirms ancient lake sediments on Mars

The findings from ground-penetrating radar observations conducted by the robotic rover substantiate previous orbital imagery and other data.

Perseverance rover (File photo)
Updated on Jan 27, 2024 08:48 AM IST
Reuters |

Republic Day: CSIR showcases Purple Revolution, ISRO shines with Chandrayaan 3

Republic Day parade 2024: Nine union ministries/departments/organisations displayed their achievements and progress through innovative tableaux.

Republic Day parade 2024: ISRO showcased its tableau at the 75th Republic Day.(YouTube/Narendra Modi)
Updated on Jan 26, 2024 09:27 PM IST

Researchers in China create the first healthy, cloned rhesus monkey

Their new technique could make the routine cloning of primates easier

This handout photograph released by Nature Communications on January 16, 2024 and taken by Zhaodi Liao in a laboratory of the Non-Human Primate Facility of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai in 2023, shows ReTro, a then 17 month-old somatic cell-cloned Rhesus monkey, produced through trophoblast replacement. Scientists in China announced on January 16, 2024 they have cloned the first healthy rhesus monkey, after tweaking the process that created Dolly the sheep. (AFP)
Published on Jan 24, 2024 08:12 AM IST
The Economist

How tulips that grow only in spring were made available for Ram Mandir ceremony?

“Tulip does not bloom in this season. It grows only in J&K and a few other Himalayan regions, that too only in the spring," said union minister Jitendra Singh.

Representative Image: Tulips in bloom inside a tulip growth cum storage chamber ((PTI Photo/Kamal Kishore))
Updated on Jan 23, 2024 07:22 AM IST

NASA regains contact with mini-helicopter on Mars

Ingenuity arrived on Mars in 2021 aboard the rover Perseverance and became the first motorized craft to fly autonomously on another planet.

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter (AFP)
Published on Jan 21, 2024 05:34 PM IST

Turkey's first astronaut launched on flight to International Space Station

The autonomously operated Crew Dragon was expected to reach the International Space Station (ISS) early on Saturday morning

Turkey's first astronaut and three other crew members representing Europe were launched from Florida on Thursday on a voyage to the International Space Station in the latest commercially arranged mission from Texas startup Axiom Space.(NASA)
Published on Jan 19, 2024 08:41 AM IST
Reuters |

US delays mission to land humans on the moon until 2026. Here's why

NASA Artemis mission:

NASA Astronaut Joseph M. Acaba speaks at a NASA event during which the crew of the Artemis II space mission to the moon in April 2023.(Reuters)
Updated on Jan 10, 2024 04:35 AM IST
Bloomberg |

Aditya-L1 data to start pouring in soon

A senior Isro official said that all the seven key instruments were activated in a phased manner between Saturday and Sunday

The space agency launched the spacecraft on September 2 (PTI)
Updated on Jan 09, 2024 02:55 AM IST

Aditya L1 in orbit close to Lagrange Point 1. Timeline of India's solar mission

The instruments aboard Aditya-L1 are precisely calibrated to scrutinise the solar atmosphere, particularly the chromosphere and corona.

Aditya L1 on Saturday successfully parked at orbit around Lagrange Point 1 to study Sun.
Published on Jan 06, 2024 10:24 PM IST

How is European Space Agency supporting ISRO's Aditya L1 solar mission?

Using its seven instruments, Aditya L1 aims to explore unanswered questions about our dynamic and turbulent star.

A graphic representation of ISRO’s Aditya L1 mission.
Published on Jan 06, 2024 06:07 PM IST

ISRO's first Sun mission Aditya-L1 to enter final orbit today: What we know

The Aditya-L1 spacecraft will be pushed into its designated orbit around 4pm on January 6 approximately 15 lakh kilometres away from Earth.

ISRO's objective is to place Aditya L1 in Lagrange Point 1 (L1) owing to the exceptional stability provided by this point within the Earth-Sun system. (File)
Updated on Jan 06, 2024 01:34 PM IST

Aditya L1 highlights: ‘Looking forward to scientific outcomes,’ says ISRO chief

Aditya L1 highlights: Launched on Sep 2 last year, the spacecraft has undergone four earth-bound manoeuvres & a Trans-Lagrangean Point 1 Insertion manoeuvre.

live Aditya L1
Updated on Jan 06, 2024 11:05 PM IST
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