Tanmay, a talented chef, lands up in Mumbai amid the pandemic.

He tries to make ends meet by starting an online food delivery business called Neighbour’s Kitchen, but how long does he have to wait till he finally tastes success?

About The Characters

Vedaant Saluja as Tanmay

Tanmay moved to Delhi from Bengaluru to pursue a career in culinary arts. Soon, he bagged a lucrative job in Mumbai, but, as luck would have it, the world was hit by the pandemic just when he arrived in the Maximum City. And, suddenly, the once-happy-go-lucky-guy found himself trying his best to keep his head above the water!

Rhea Bedi as Kinjal

Kinjal has always been a rebellious girl. She was raised by liberal parents, who let her make her own choices. This has instilled the confidence that she has about herself. She works a graphic designer for an ad agency, and can pay for her own place and car.

S.K. Batra as Landlord Uncle

Sriram Sehgal aka Landlord Uncle is a retired lawyer, who comes from a family that once owned a sweet shop. He harasses Tanmay and Akshay for rent not because he needs the rent or enjoys harassing people. He harasses them because he is a self-made man, and understands the price one needs to pay to make something of oneself.

R. Srinivasan as Appa

Satya is Tanmay’s father and a government employee. Although he is very fond of Tanmay, he is unhappy about his career choice. Satya always wanted him to pursue engineering, top it up with an MBA, and bag a high-paying corporate role—the tried and tested route. Tanmay gets his principles from his father, including his culinary skills.

Amit Vikram Pandey as Akshay

An Instagram star. A die-hard foodie. A gaming nerd. Also, a rich brat from Delhi, who has never had to bear any responsibilities. But you have to raise a toast to his optimistic nature, and his ability to go to any length to make his dreams come true.

Also Featuring

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