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Can you make the perfect Budget?

Be the Finance Minister this budget session

by Hindustan Times News App Team

What if you could be the Finance Minister for a day? You get to take charge of India’s budget. Your goal is to cut the fiscal deficit without compromising essential government services and initiatives

Like any budget, it requires that you prioritize your spending. You have to find the right balance between investment-heavy projects such as digital India and public welfare programmes such as NREGA.

In order to do this, you have to cut some taxes, and hike others; and expand or shrink revenue from different sources. You may choose to reform, slash or eliminate any of the programmes funded by the finance ministry. A card and a weight icon represent each programme. The higher the number of weights, the more significant the scheme. If you fail to include a scheme, it will affect your total score.

Weigh your choices well: you can drastically change the country’s economy with a mere click.

Take a look at the instructional gif below on how to add, remove and edit cards. After you finish, compute your score and see how well you did compared to others.

Instructions to play


Fiscal Deficit
(INR in hundred thousand crore)



End Game

      Revenue         Expenditure



 Water and Sanitation

 Rural Infrastructure

 Urban Infrastructure


 Special Projects

 Digital India


 House Keeping

 Tax of Companies

 Tax of Individuals

 Other Taxes



 Asset Sales