Health Benefits Of Rare Indian Fruits


Nov 16, 2021

Hindustan Times


India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world

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Though it is well-known for producing common fruits, India also produces a variety of lesser-known fruits that have amazing health benefits

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Here are a few rare fruits found in India and their health benefits

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It's a good source of Vitamin C and is very nutritious. Chakotra's high antioxidant content slows the ageing process and improves heart health

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Star fruit

Found across India, this yellow fruit is rich in fibre and Vitamin C

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Wood Apple

This fruit can be eaten fresh or dried. One of its key advantages is that it eliminates parasites in the gut, which aids digestion

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These sweet yellow berries can be found all across the tropics. They  boost immunity and relieve fever and jaundice

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Myrica Esculenta

This fruit's juice aids in the elimination of bacteria and ulcers in the intestine, as well as parasitic worms

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This orange-coloured fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals and beneficial anti-oxidants

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Found in various tropical regions around the world, mangosteen is packed with nutrients while being low in calories

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