Healthy Ingredients To Add In Your Saag


Hindustan Times


Jan 14, 2022

Did you know that overeating Saag can lead to bloating?

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Here are some healthy ingredients that one can add while preparing Saag to keep bloating at bay

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Cumin seeds

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Adding cumin seeds can ease bile production in one’s body that can aid in digestion and absorption

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The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help relieve inflammation and can stimulate digestive enzymes that can help alleviate digestive problems

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 Turmeric is high in curcumin and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Its addition to the saag can improve one’s gut health

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Coriander seeds

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These seeds not only add fragrance to your saag but also help reduce bloating-induced swelling

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Carrom seeds

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Carrom seeds act as a natural laxative. Adding a pinch of carrom seeds to your saag recipe can enhance digestion and keep bloating at bay

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