How To Stay Organised During Exam Prep


By Ada Kohli
Published Feb 01, 2023

Hindustan Times


Make A Schedule

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Make a daily, weekly and monthly schedule to organise your exam preparation. It will help you increase your efficiency without wasting unnecessary time

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Create Cheat Sheets

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Cheat sheets are quick reference guides that can help you revise quickly. Make separate cheat sheets for each subject to stay organised

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Make Lists

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An efficient way to stay organised is to make lists for your assignments, exams, deadlines, etc. Place them on your desk so that you do not forget your tasks

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Use A Calendar

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Using a calendar assists you in visually looking at the dates of your tests and exams which in turn helps you organise better

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Keep Your Desk Clean

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Remove all the clutter and distractions from your desk. It is easy to focus and find your material to study if your desk is clean

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