By Neha Yadav
Published Nov 26, 2023

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: Unsplash

5 tips to combat laziness in winters

The winter season can make one feel lazy and sluggish. However, it is important to get out of the cozy comfort of your bed and get work done. Here are some useful tips to combat laziness in winters. 

Get vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D can lead to the production of melatonin in brain, a hormone that makes one feel drowsy and tired. Make sure to spend some time outside in the sun to get vitamin D naturally.

Get physically active

Engage yourself in physical exercises or yoga to loosen stiff muscles in winters. Physical activity will help boost blood circulation, uplift your mood and make you mentally active. 

Eat healthy food

Unhealthy and processed foods can tempt you in winters due to cravings for carbs. However, consume only healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits as they help reduce tiredness and increase energy levels. 

Avoid overeating

Your body's metabolism naturally slows down in winters that results in increased cravings for fat and carbohydrates. Eat in less portions as overeating can further lead to lethargy, sleepiness and increased calorie intake.

Bathe regularly

It is very important to take a bath every day during winters as it helps activate your muscular senses and makes you more energetic. Instead of taking a bath with cold water, you can opt for a hot water bath in winters.