Must-Visit Spots When Vacationing in USA


Jan 15, 2022

Hindustan Times


The United States offers a variety of entertaining and educational experiences for everyone travelling to the country

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From a museum that features dinosaur fossils to a space camp to a rodeo experience, the United States has a variety of options that can explore spots and activities

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Here are a few must-see spots in the United States that keep visitors engaged and entertained

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Chicago, Illinois

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The Field Museum

Rochester, New York

Credits: Unsplash

National Museum Of Play

Huntsville, Alabama

Credits: Creative Commons

Space Camp

Reheboth Beach, Delaware

Credits: City of Reheboth

Reheboth Beach Boardwalk

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Credits: CFDRodeo

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Winter Haven, Florida

LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Credits: Creative Commons

San Diego, California

Credits: Creative Commons

San Diego Zoo

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