Surprising Health Benefits Of Black Tea


Hindustan Times


By Mehak Pal
Published Jan 10, 2022

Black tea is an oxidised variant of tea that provides a wide range of health benefits

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 Here are a few surprising health benefits of black tea

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Black tea works effectively as an anti-inflammatory tonic

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Due to its antioxidant properties, black tea helps lower the risk of chronic diseases and cell damage in the human body

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Consumption of black tea can help maintain good oral hygiene as it restricts bacterial growth

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This tea is known to assist in weight loss

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Apart from improving gut health, black tea also lowers bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels

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Regular consumption of black tea is also good for heart health

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According to research, black tea enhances brain activities which improve focus and alertness

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Regular consumption of black tea can help in the reduction of atherosclerosis, especially in women

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Studies have found that the presence of polyphenols in black tea can reduce the risk of tumor growth

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