Tips to Fix Your Sleep Cycle


Published Oct 4, 2021

Hindustan Times


Tired of not having a fixed sleeping schedule?

Here is a list of a few tips that can help you fix your sleep cycle

Start with the most important step, create a pre-sleep routine. This should kick in about four hours before bedtime

About three hours before bedtime, eat your last meal, ideally with gadgets set aside and take only essential work-related calls

This way you are gradually winding down each system before you actually hit the pillow

In the final two hours before bedtime, start to relax your mind by cutting out screens and noise and replacing them with offline activities like reading or writing

Once your pre-sleep routine is ready, make a routine for when you wake up. Start your day by doing some meditation or quiet reflection instead of going straight for your phone

You could also do some slow stretching and breathing to get your circulation going

Then start to get your digestive system up by hydrating. Once you’ve given your body the cues it needs to wake up, you can get started with your day

Keep your physical spaces for work and leisure as separate as they can be. There should be fixed demarcations of time too, wherever possible

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