Friday Finance

Meet the characters



Businessman. Comes from a moneyed background.

He loves money, and is constantly involved in making it. Although he lives an otherwise ‘saatvik’ lifestyle, he is looking to get married through his ‘family connections’.



Creative whiz. Outspoken.

He comes from a middle-class upbringing, is a party animal, and hates Sanchit for his ‘conservative’ attitude and ‘unhealthy’ attachment to money.



Wealth management professional. Voice of reason.

She is smart and doing extremely well in her career. The most balanced of the lot, she is always stopping Shayan and Sanchit from going at each other.



Runs his own gym. Mild-mannered.

He is Naina’s husband, and close to both Sanchit and Shayan. He trusts his wife with all the financial decisions of the family.

About The Series

Can your friend be your financial advisor?

Get-togethers with friends just got more interesting!

Friday Finance revolves around four old-time friends—Naina, Jatin, Shayan and Sanchit—who catch up every Friday, be it at a café or somebody’s house. Their conversations centre around their jobs, relationships, future plans, and, most importantly, finances. The latter might be an unlikely subject to crop up during conversations with friends, but nevertheless manages to catch everybody’s attention. Conversations about money help demystify various financial products, while also reinforcing how our goals and aspirations are tied to sound financial planning.