Fast & Fortuitous: How a youngster can benefit from badminton

By HT Brand Studio | June 6, 2018

Quick reflexes, powerful hitting and a lot of running across the court make badminton an intense body and mind workout. In this infographic, we tell you how a child will benefit from playing this glorious sport.

While adults live life in the fast lane, our children are becoming increasingly sedentary. To ensure a holistic development of mind and body, a growing child can engage in a fun yet intense workout by playing badminton. Building reflexes, improving quick, strategic thinking and having an agile body are just a few of the many benefits of playing this sport. Let this infographic inspire your child to choose shuttling on a badminton court over shuffling between applications on a mobile device.

India is powering ahead on the global badminton stage, and events like the PNB Metlife Junior Badminton Championship are helping groom growing children into rising badminton stars. If this infographic has inspired you or your child, register them for the event nearest to your city.