Every State Assembly Election in One Map*


*Well, it's not a map; not exactly.

Even though it looks a lot like India, the below graphic is actually a table, albeit with strong visual cues. The table has 4,120 cells, and each cell represents one of India's 4,120 state assembly constituencies.

Unlike assembly constituencies, which come in all shapes and sizes, the cells are all equally-sized squares. Making the cells the same size allows us to better understand the relative electoral success of the hundreds of political parties that compete in India's assembly elections.

You can color the cells according to the political parties you'd like to see represented on the map*. Click the "Choose parties" button in the right column to add or remove parties, use the slider to change the year represented in the table, and hover your cursor over the map* to further explore the data.

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Bharatiya Janata Party
Indian National Congress


Bihar held two elections in 2005. Because the first election, held in February, resulted in a hung assembly, only the second election, held in October, is represented in the data.

The election data was downloaded from the Election Commission of India and converted to machine-readable format using Tabula. The map* was rendered using Squaire.js.