Kishore Kumar Sings the Hits

Kishore Kumar died 29 years ago today. He was just 58 years old, but his life was as full as the characters he sang for. He fell in love more than once, married four times, and even converted to Islam to marry Madhubala.

Kumar was Bollywood’s ultimate shapeshifter: a singer, a hero, a class clown. He could be whatever the song called for: joyful or sad, pensive or goofy. But his voice was distinctive. If you don’t believe us, tell us your mood and see for yourself.

Pick one, then the other, in any order.

I feel .
I want a film starring .


You can pick either a mood or a hero first, but make sure you pick both. Then see which song pops up!

Pick a hero — Kumar sang for dozens of heroes, from Bollywood’s “first superstar” Rajesh Khanna to the “angry, young” Amitabh Bachchan. And of course, he sang for his own goofy self.

Pick a mood — Do you feel joyful or sad, playful or pensive? Do you feel like “being with freinds” or “singing in the rain?” These categories were inspired by Hindi Geetmala’s excellent database.

Source: Hindi Geetmala

Contributors: Gurman Bhatia, Aparna Alluri, Poonam Saxena and Garima Garg