As India celebrates 75 years of Independence, Hindustan Times takes a look at the march of the nation through three prisms that are our lifeblood – Bollywood, politics, and cricket. Prisms that capture the essence and soul of a young nation, in a land with a rich history, that was born in 1947, and now, in the 21st century, is an integral member of the global high table. So, come reminisce with us through this special presentation that tells the story of our life and times through three passions that encapsulate who we are, how we got here, and where we’re headed. Happy Independence Day!

A nation in
three passions



The HT Collector’s Edition

The front page of the Hindustan Times on August 15, 1947, as well as opinion pieces by eminent thinkers of the time - writing about how they wanted to help shape India - are part of a special edition released in print and digital versions, to mark 75 years of freedom. To download the Collector’s Edition, click here.

100 events that shaped India

How does one tell the story of a nation? As Independent India marks 75 years, take a tour through 100 events that mark flashpoints and turning points. To begin your tour through India's decades of freedom, click here. click here.