Quick questions, witty answers: The theatre world’s finest actors in a rapid fire
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Quick questions, witty answers: The theatre world’s finest actors in a rapid fire

Up-close and rapid with the Rage trio!

brunch Updated: Oct 15, 2017 00:15 IST
Team HT Brunch
Team HT Brunch
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Rage,Rage rapid fire,the quick and the witty
The quick and the witty(Prabhat Shetty)

If you were to think of another name for Rage, it would be...?

Shernaz: I’d call it Sage. Just so it begins with an S and not an R. I feel Rajit and Rahul have cornered the things beginning with R market.

Rajit: ‘Raagey’ Cause that’s how most people pronounce it.

Rahul: Considering we are 25 years old as as a theatre company, the other new name should be Age!

If Rage was an acronym, what would it stand for?

Rajit: Relentless Ageless Gracious Effortless

Rahul: Don’t have an acronym but our astrologer says it should be RRRAGGE for luck!

English theatre in India stands for…

Shernaz: I don’t believe in differentiating plays based on language. I think that concept is archaic. Theatre is theatre regardless of language.

Rajit: Weekend Theatre!

Rahul: Struggle before success

The best play I’ve ever watched is…

Shernaz: I’ve been affected by small, intimate, realistic work and massive Westend musicals. I love folk plays and baudy farces. But as an actress, I think Fiona Shaw playing Richard II had the biggest impact on me. She was so compelling as Richard that I forgot I was watching a woman on stage.

Rahul: I’m Not Rappaport by Herb Gardner, which I adapted to I’m Not Bajirao.

One all-time favourite line from a play…

Shernaz: “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – from Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

Rajit: “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart” –the last line of The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

Rahul: The first one that comes to mind is from I’m Not Rappaport/I’m Not Bajirao – ‘Nostalgia is the worst disease of old people. Kills more of us than heart failure’

My biggest boo-boo on stage has been…

Shernaz: Once the zip of my gown snapped mid show. I had to act in a stationary position till my exit.

Rajit: Not zipping up my fly...and people from the audience thought that ‘that was part of the Act’

Rahul: Playing Mahatma Gandhi in the third standard, I forgot to say ‘Hey Ram’ when I’m shot by the kid playing Godse. So I died, but woke up to say my lines in the funeral scene!

One key difference between English and Gujarati theatre is…

Shernaz: Gujarati theatre has a much bigger audience and, on the commercial circuit, more money

Rajit: It has huge money invested as compared to English theatre.

Rahul: One’s in English and the other in Gujarati!

Theatre actors are supremely superior performers because…

Shernaz: They work purely for the passion of the craft. They also understand rigour.

Rajit: They are more accepting, more patient and are more often than not – team players.

Rahul: They can act

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First Published: Oct 14, 2017 23:37 IST