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What is STD or VD?

health and fitness Updated: Apr 19, 2010 17:10 IST
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Hindustan Times
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Do unmarried people get sex urges. How to satisfy them?
Sexual urges start from the age of puberty. In some people, the sexual urges may slowly decline with age, but this is not a rule. The easiest way of satisfying your sexual urges is by indulging in masturbation. It is a healthy practice at any age and it carries no risk. If excess sexual thoughts are affecting your day to day functioning, visit a doctor. Rarely the doctor may suggest some medication to reduce your sexual drive. If you were thinking in terms of visiting a commercial sex worker, my advice would be a strict no. The chances of sexually transmitted diseases are highest following unprotected sexual encounters with an unknown partner.

What is STD or VD?
STD is the short form for sexually transmitted diseases. In the past they were called venereal diseases (VD). As the name suggests they are transmitted from person to person by unprotected sexual intercourse. Syphilis is the oldest STD. HIV is the newest. Genital herpes, gonorrhea are few of them. These illnesses carry loads of social stigma. With early diagnosis and prompt treatment, many of them are treatable.

HIV is the only exception till date as it progresses to fatal AIDS. If untreated, they may cause damage to the individual and the sexual partner. Problems with fertility and offspring too are reported. Majority of laboratories do offer testing for STD. A condom does reduce the incidences of STD. Visit the nearest ICTC for details.

What are the advantages of Kegel’s exercise. I have been advised to practice it.
Kegel’s exercise is usually advised post delivery. It is even recommended in the premenopausal period. Few ladies with stress urinary incontinence do benefit with them. The hormonal changes may lead to weakening of the sphincter and some dribbling of the urine. After child birth the stretching of the abdominal muscles may lead to similar problems. They are advised to strengthen the muscles around the urinary bladder. The urinary flow is to be stopped mid-stream. It has to be restarted after few seconds. This has to be repeated many times a day. Vaslva maneuver too may be suggested. Please ask the gynecologist for details. It may help in toning up the muscles of the vulval area and help increase sexual pleasure.

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