Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for September 19

Published on Sep 19, 2021 01:00 AM IST

Daily horoscope: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs for September 19.

Read on to find out your horoscope for today.(File Photo)
Read on to find out your horoscope for today.(File Photo)
ByDr Prem Kumar Sharma, Manisha Koushik

All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

Forecast for 19th September 2021:

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Those in the corporate sector may get a free hand in implementing their ideas. You are likely to do well in academics and win fame. A destination, not frequented by tourists, will prove an ideal getaway for rest and rejuvenation. Some of you may acquire a prime piece of land. Health supplements will be a godsend for those feeling weak and lethargic. A disagreement in the family pertaining to a child is possible today. Home expenses are likely to mount.  

Love Focus: An ideal day to spend quality time with lover. 

Lucky Number:  2

Lucky Colour: Orange

Taurus (Apr 21-May 20)

A previous investment may give handsome returns and improve your financial condition. Your decision to avoid crowded places is likely to keep infections at bay. A family elder, who has been unwell for long, is likely to show marked improvement under medical care. An old friend can give you a pleasant surprise today. You may need a helping hand to set up the house. Be extra vigilant about your belongings, if you are travelling by train. 

Love Focus: Those working from home may feel romantic during the day itself! 

Lucky Number:  18

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)

Much activity is foreseen at home, as a special event gets underway. Meeting up with your near and dear ones is indicated and will be fun. A spin in a new vehicle will prove most exciting. Work-related problems are likely to get prompt resolution. Some students can be taken to task by parents for under-performing. There can be a general disagreement about finances within the family. Don’t let work disrupt your workouts. Renting out a PG is possible.  

Love Focus: You may find it difficult to find time for romance today. 

Lucky Number:  6

Lucky Colour: Silver

Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 22)

Your pet project, shelved for long, may finally see the light of the day. Some students are likely to do well in a test or exam. You may have to take legal action for non-delivery of an apartment you have invested in. Choose healthy alternatives to remain fit. Those tormented by a domineering senior are likely to heave a sigh of relief, as he/ she gets transferred out. Take care of your finances, as heavy expenditure is foreseen in the near future.

Love Focus: Take steps to make a long-distance relationship work. 

Lucky Number:  7

Lucky Colour: Off White

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 23)

Success in a business venture is assured, as you manage to find investors. A market survey may give your product a thumbs up. You will manage to find someone willing to clarify your doubts and queries regarding your weak subjects, so cheer up. Things become interesting at home as you find a new hobby. You will resolve to remain regular in your workouts. Your builder may refuse to hand over the apartment, unless you pay additional money.

Love Focus: Partner may get irritated, if you rake up an old issue, so desist. 

Lucky Number:  1

Lucky Colour: Pink

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 23)

A property you have put on the block may sell at a great profit. Some of you are likely to pay back the last instalment of a home loan. Family youngsters will benefit from a family elder’s knowledge to improve their weak subjects. Buying new furniture or a major item for the house is foreseen. A friend can invite you for a trip. Don’t rely solely on home remedies for your ailment.   

Love Focus: Your subtle hints to lover may not work, so be a bit blunt in stating what you want.

Lucky Number:  8

Lucky Colour: Metallic Blue

Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23)

Visiting a local tourist spot with family is foreseen and will be lots of fun. You will need to acquire additional skills for something that has been newly introduced at work. Your desire for clearing a competitive exam may motivate you to press on with your preparations. Indulgence in junk food needs to be curbed. Money loaned to someone will be returned with interest. Those trying to sell their old car online should be careful not to get cheated.

Love Focus: A special treat is in store today for those in love. 

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Orange

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)

A remedy from traditional medicine will prove most helpful in curing a skin problem. You may get an additional room constructed within your premises. Keep an eye on the internet activity of your children by frequently checking their browsing history. Some of you may compete in a tournament and may even win it. As far as finances are concerned, you remain on a safe wicket. The day doesn’t appear too promising for those looking for a job.

Love Focus: The day looks ideal for a meet up with lover, so plan something exciting. 

Lucky Number:  22

Lucky Colour: Lavender

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Your dream of enjoying a relaxing time today will be fully realised. Those trying to complete their academic assignments can have their hands full. Your bargaining skills will help you buy something expensive at a pittance. A troublesome tenant needs to be handled with a firm hand, but don’t do go overboard. Your assessment about someone will be spot on, but don’t go about disclosing it to others. Giving up junk food may be on your mind. 

Love Focus: Love at first sight does not ensure compatibility, so spend some time together.

Lucky Number:  7

Lucky Colour: Peach

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21)

You are likely to be on the path to take your business to greater heights. Faring well in a class test is likely to infuse you with greater confidence. You may earn from the interest on a loaned amount. Don’t indulge in betting without evaluating your chances or you may lose big. You can plan to take the family for an outing today. Learn to trust youngsters and they will certainly value your trust. Your financial situation will improve. 

Love Focus: Lover needs emotional support, so be there for him/ her. 

Lucky Number:  17

Lucky Colour: Dark Turquoise

Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 19)

You will get the thumbs up from your boss for defusing a workplace problem. School assessment, in lieu of board exams, may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for some. Spending the weekend with parents, away from marital home, will be most refreshing for new brides. You may decide to pay a visit to someone you have not met in years. Those selling property are likely to get a good deal. Health remains excellent.  

Love Focus: Spouse seems extra loving today, so get set for a shopping trip. 

Lucky Number:  11

Lucky Colour: Indigo

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)

If preparation for a competitive exam is your worry, get additional help from online resources. Family support will be essential in starting a new business. Travelling to a fun destination and enjoying with people of your age is possible today. Overdoing things can affect your health adversely, so be careful. Those out shopping may get things at bargain price. Money from an outside source will make you financially stable. Do up your property to make it more attractive to buyers.  

Love Focus: A minor argument can put paid to your weekend romance. 

Lucky Number:  9

Lucky Colour: Red

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    Manisha Koushik has more than 12+ years of experience. She gives astrological advice related to career, health, finance, business, relationship and more. She is known to combine the principles of Vedic and Western astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Vastu and Fengshui. She has authored many books and is a popular face for astrology TV shows.

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