All about Venus, planet of love, and it's power to influence you

Dec 16, 2022 03:23 PM IST

In the contextual status of a marriage Venus is indispensable as she signifies everything about unions and marriages. Tina Mukerji explains the Venus signs.

She is the Goddess of love, Aphrodite in Ancient Greece. She is Mahalaxmi in India. She is Mana in Ancient Babylon. She is Astorith to the Jews. She is Venus Ikshtor to the Assyrians and the Phoenicians called her Astrorith.

Let's read about the Venus Signs: The Lover in you.
Let's read about the Venus Signs: The Lover in you.

In the contextual status of a marriage Venus is indispensable as she signifies everything about unions and marriages. The type of partner. Discord or bliss in married life. Obstacles and opportunities for growth available through marriage.

For women, she represents the kind of lover you are and for a man, it reveals what kind of a woman he’s attracted to. Venus is associated with Kama, loosely translated as lust, but in actuality it denotes desire. Venus is everything we desire.

Venus owns Taurus and Libra, is exalted in mystical Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. The three nakshatras ruled by Venus are Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purvashada. Venus’ mool trikon is Libra and is friends with Saturn and Mercury. Venus is the enemy of the Sun and the Moon, although the Moon is neutral to Venus. Jupiter is the enemy.

If your Moon/Sun or Ascendant is in Libra or Taurus, the placement of Venus will tell you how your life unfolds. To be more specific, your love life. The friendships I listed above, once studied in the composite chart of two people will reveal how Venus operates. Even if you are single, it will reveal many pieces of the puzzle. Are you able to attract people? Is the attraction long term? What is your most desirable quality? All of this will be enumerated by your Venus sign.

Let us take for example, your Venus is in Leo. Immediately you can tell that Venus will suffer considerably as Leo’s ruler, the Sun is Venus’ enemy. However, Purva Phalguni is a nakshatra in Vedic Leo which is ruled by Venus. So, if Venus is placed in Purva Phalguni in Leo, then some of the doshas of this Venus will be curtailed.

For example, if you find Venus in enemy territory of Sagittarius, then this Venus can be fickle and unable to commit. The interesting thing to note is that Venus’ exaltation sign is an enemy sign, Pisces. Therefore, one can intuit that an exalted Venus may not directly translate to an awesome love life. In fact, Venus in Pisces can be addicted to the concept of life, a fantasy, rather than actually fall in love. Generalizations about the natal chart or synastry may not always resonate a hundred percent because the individual kundlis will have to be studied.

When Venus is the Lord of the eighth and ninth house, this can make the native very attractive and magnetic. If we peruse all the ancient and reliable texts on astrology, we see that Venus has been assigned as a strong significator of sex, lust, love and passion and these motifs hit home when we speak of the eighth house.

Venus in the chart of an evening born native tends to be the most alluring and can be felt most strongly in the second part of the night. However, Venus’ placement during dawn can give a native much concentration and creative powers. Like writing, composing, musical practices, meditation, math, Science, so on and so forth.

Venus rules the second and the seventh house of the natural zodiac, emphasizing her power over finances, happiness of family life and sexual partnerships. Upon studying Venus in natal charts, we can talk much about the taste of an individual, how they relate to others, how attractive or repulsive they are, how they love and what they love. Partnerships must focus on studying Venus’s placements and aspects to decide on how they can optimize the situation.

The fourth house from your natal Venus will show what kind of happiness and pleasures you will get from your marriage. If the second house from natal Venus is occupied by the Lord of the seventh and fourth houses from Venus, it reveals a blessed match, of course the sign Venus is in cannot belong to Devas. Say, Venus is in Leo in the first house, then expect marriage or sexual intimacy problems. The Sun is from the Deva group and is an enemy of Venus and the fourth house is Scorpio ruled by Mars and seventh house is ruled by Saturn which is Aquarius. Say there is Moon, also from the Deva group who is in the second house in Virgo, then this person will be denied conjugal bliss. If the adjoining houses are empty, then the native might be separated from the spouse or even divorced. Also, if Jupiter, Venus and Mars are together in a sign, then this combo is volatile and may even cause death of either spouse. The twelfth house rues extra marital affairs and pleasure from sexual relationships. A man with a twelfth house Venus may find himself surrounded by a harem and if this Venus is unfavorable, then he could experience many complications from women and think of them as a source of evil.

On a lighter note, the Venus sign can also reveal how you kiss! It’s because Venus rules Taurus which is connected to the throat and Libra to the groin. If Venus is unaffected by the Mool trikon sign of Libra in the first house, then you are indeed a skilled sportsman of the amorous!

If your partner’s Venus is ill placed in the kundli chart, then there could be sexual imbalances. In rare cases, sexual perversion is present and this individual can engage in illicit sexual acts with many women. He may also show signs of infertility or erectile dysfunction. If a woman has a challenging Venus, then she may be fickle and can have numerous sexual partners; a general malaise and unease prevails about love and relationships. She may not be happy with her husband no matter how hard he tries. Which is why before marriage, Venus must be remedied in both kundli charts of the man and the woman or else much anxiety is experienced through love and marriage.

A well-placed Venus can bring all kinds of abundance, monetary, sexual and creative. It brings with it an energy of strong unions and partnerships and conjugal happiness and hones the sexual instincts.


· Chant Om Shreem Shreeyai namaha 108 times every day at dawn.

· Donate white items of food or clothing on a Friday after dusk.

· Always look sharp and stay groomed.

· Use rose fragrance.

· Wear whites and pastels.

· Keep flowers in your living space.

· Use fragrant bath bombs.

· Wear a diamond or Zircon.

· Consume white food items.

· Always wear a smile.

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.


    She is a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.

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