Guruvani: ‘Educators must ensure that students get power to think freely’

Mrs. K. Sudha, Principal, St. Martin’s Diocesan School, Delhi Cantonment, speaks about the importance of sports in a student's life and much more.
Principal K. Sudha's three words for students: Dream, Pursue, Conquer!
Principal K. Sudha's three words for students: Dream, Pursue, Conquer!
Published on Mar 02, 2021 05:24 PM IST
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By, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Q. In these politically volatile times, should students be insulated from political upheavals? How do you inform/educate them about the changing scenario?

It is imperative that the students be made aware and be made to think logically and rationally of the present times rather than watch them succumb helplessly due to lack of awareness. Ignorance wouldn’t be bliss especially in current times where the social, economic, political and business environment functions across the globe on a dynamic mode. It’s the responsibility of the educators to ensure that the students don’t fall prey to the herd mentality and be given the power to think freely and question the law of the land. Integration of GK with the school curriculum and organizing debates and orations would ensure effectivity.

Q. How do you motivate children to be Green Citizens?

At a very young age, the child is made aware of his surroundings and the love of nature is instilled within him. The Martiners grow up in their green environment amid the hustle-bustle and chirping of the birds, basking daily in the beauty of their surroundings. As they step out into the harsher conditions beyond the school, they understand the necessity to protect environment. They are richly sensitised to team up through varied activities and projects and their passions kindled while in school to build up more green citizens.

Q. Our PM Narendra Modi, in his annual Pariksha Pe Chracha speech, repeatedly motivated the students by saying that they shouldn’t just strive for high marks. Do you say the same to your students?

The very definition of excellence was flawed as the Indian education system focused more on marks than assessing the calibre of the students. The high cut-offs to get into colleges of the students’ choice inadvertently forced them to push for scores. The changes being brought in the education sector pave way for a new order where their grades are not the ultimatum as they journey ahead to find their niche in their area of excellence.

Q. Pedagogy is changing by leaps and bounds every year. How do you keep pace with it?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world order massively. The digital revolution has been embraced willfully by educational institutions across the world. With content delivery, dissemination and consumption happening over varied online e-learning platforms, embracing the power of digital technology is the new way forward. Collaborating with corporate organizations and e-learning platform providers who provide upskilling opportunities would help the students explore topics and subjects exposing them to skills that are in vogue in these changing times.

Q. How do you motivate students to take up sports as it is a vital part of school education these days?

Instilling in children the love for sports is crucial and absolutely essential. Every child, during the formative phase, should know the necessity to be physically fit. Their self-esteem should be built up as they hone up their skills.

Q. Where do you see your students/school 10 years from now?

I visualise my students to join their counterparts of the previous years as alumni of the best of institutions, excelling in the areas of their interests, and pursuing their passions in varied fields. It will give me immense joy to see them carry forward the values instilled in them even as they make a mark for themselves. Ten years from now, I pray that I will be able to realize my vision and bring this school to the peak of its glory!

Q. Your profession has many challenges. What, in your opinion is the toughest?

The child of today is stressed as more parents opt out of marriage for varied reasons. The child feels lost, is vulnerable, and low on self esteem. Counselling such young parents who do not understand the need to prioritize their children is a tough call.

Q. Would you inspire your own children to take up this profession?

My children have been watching me as I unveil my passions everyday and are inspired by the intensity with which I execute my endeavors. They have grown up witnessing how I handle my struggles, my yearnings to improve my society.Whether they will directly follow my profession or not, they will certainly forage unabashedly and boldly in my footsteps, using their talents & innate warmth of their personalities to be an asset to the society and the public at large.

Q. Are you still in touch with your teachers?

Yes, I am. It is with deep feelings of love, gratitude and respect that I keep in touch with them. The moments of connect with my teachers are extremely revitalizing and energizing and their loving blessings do propel me on in my daily tasks.

Q. Three inspiring words for your students.

Dream, Pursue, Conquer!

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