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Dog saved from euthanasia becomes foster dad to over 150 cats in past 10 years

ByTrisha Sengupta
Oct 13, 2023 11:30 AM IST

Ten years ago, a woman saved a dog named Raylan just two days before he was set to be euthanized. Since then, the dog has been helping her to foster kittens.

A post about a heartwarming tale of resilience and compassion of a dog who once found himself on the brink of euthanasia was shared on social media. The pooch, named Raylan, was saved by his pet mom Laura just two days before “he was set to be euthanized.” Once he came to his forever home with his new pet parent, the dog also found a new purpose in his life- to foster litters of kittens. Raylan’s story is likely to leave you emotional.

The image shows a dog with its foster kitty. (Instagram/@raylan_the_dog)
The image shows a dog with its foster kitty. (Instagram/@raylan_the_dog)

The Instagram page We Rate Dogs shared a series of pictures and videos of Raylan with his foster kitties. The page also posted a detailed caption explaining his story. Once Raylan was adopted by Laura, a woman who loves fostering kittens, he “assumed” that it was also his responsibility to take care of the young ones. Since then, the pooch has been on a mission to make the young cats feel loved.

Laura told We Rate Dogs that Raylan never received any kind of training but “quickly learned how to do everything.” While talking about Raylan’s interaction with the kittens, she added, “He carries them around, he licks them clean. He treats them like they’re his own, and please don’t tell him otherwise.”

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The very first kitten that Raylan helped is named Watson, and they still go on playdates with each other. Laura also explained that Raylan’s relationship with the kittens is no doubt adorable, but it also serves a “few important purposes”.

“He’s giving them the comfort of a consistent parental figure, he’s helping them socialise, and he’s expanding their adoption resumes to be suitable for homes that already have dogs. In return they clearly give him a sense of purpose,” Laura shared.

Take a look at this post that shows Raylan spending time with his foster cat babies:

Raylan’s story was shared two days ago. Since then, it has accumulated more than 1.4 lakh likes. The share has also received tons of comments from people. His pet parent further shared a response from an Instagram page dedicated to him.

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“Thanks for sharing Raylan’s love for fostering with the world! He’s such a happy boy and definitely the best,” it reads.

What did Instagram users say about this dog?

“We humans can never achieve the greatness of dogs,” shared an Instagram user. “Any man can be a dad, but it takes a Raylan to be a father,” posted another. “This is extremely wholesome and good,” added a third. “Such a beautiful story! And such a good boy!” joined a fourth. “Never in my life before have I thought: I wanna be a cat, but here I am now,” wrote a fifth.

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