Getting married? Sell tickets to your wedding and have foreign tourists attend

Month-old start-up lets you sell tickets to your wedding, to offer tourists an immersive cultural experience.

art and culture Updated: Jul 17, 2016 10:56 IST
Pankti Mehta Kadakia
Pankti Mehta Kadakia
Hindustan Times
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You can register your wedding on the website, or buy tickets to ceremonies around the world.

There’s nothing quite like the Big Fat Indian Wedding. We know it, the world knows it. And now a month-old startup called is connecting the dots and offering curious foreign tourists a chance to attend an Indian wedding for a fee.

The website is called and the idea for it came to Australianstart-up mentorOrsi Parkanyi,33, when a friend told her she was travelling to India for a wedding. “I wished I could go too, but I didn’t have an invite,” Parkanyi says. “Another friend said she would have loved to go too, and aftersome research, I realised there was a market for such a service and no one to cater to it.”

Parkanyi, along with Hungary-based strategy consultant Márti Matécsa and Mumbai-based brand and marketing consultant Pallavi Savant, launched a month ago.

Orsi and Parkanyi connected through a common friend.

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“I’ve lived in Europe all my life, but a few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a high-end, traditional Indian wedding in Tamil Nadu,” says Matécsa. “Right from the traditions to the beautiful saris and accessories, generous hospitality, spicy flavours and decoration, it was an experience of a lifetime. I remember thinking even then that it would be great to open up such weddings to foreigners.”

So far, the website hasa dozenweddings listed --sevenin India, and the others spread across Russia, Turkey and the US. There’s even a Lord of the Rings-themedwedding up for grabs, in the Russian city of Novosibirsk.

India, though, will be the focus of the company, and JoinMyWedding is in talks with travel agents infive Indian cities —Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai and Bengaluru —to promote sales.

“For cultural experiences,nothing equalsa wedding, more so in India,” says Parkanyi. “There’s food, music, dance, costume, rituals — it offers you a truly immersive experience.”

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Tickets are being sold for upwards of Rs20,000. Mumbai-based chartered accountants Urvi Ambavat and Paras Shah, for instance, are selling 40 tickets to their December wedding at this price. Each guest will get accommodation and all access across three days of festivities -- including the haldi ceremony, sangeet, baaratprocession, pheras,receptionand vidaai.

Mumbai-based chartered accountants Urvi Ambavat and Paras Shah are selling 40 tickets to their December wedding, which cost $300 (approximately Rs 20,000) each. This cost includes accommodation, meals and access to all their wedding events across three days. (Aalok Soni/ HT Photo)

The couple arrived at the ticket price after quick calculations about the cost of meals, transport and accommodation close to their venue in central Mumbai.

“We aren’t looking at this as a way to contribute to our wedding expenses. We’re doing this because my fiancé and I both work at a start-up and we love to encourage new business ideas,” says Ambavat, 26. “I love to travel, and I would love to attend a wedding in another country. Plus an Indian wedding really showcases the grandeur and hospitality of our culture, andwe thought itwould be lovely to share that with interested travellers.”

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Other couples listed on the websites are hosting weddings in Delhi,Rajasthan, Haridwar in Uttarakhand, Bareilly in Uttar Pradeshand the hill stations of Mahableshwar and Devrukh in Maharashtra. Each couple will nominate a family member or friend to guide the travellers through the events and explain the rituals to them.

The Rajasthani couple are Bengaluru-based software engineers LavinaPurohitand Abhishek Paliwal, who will be married in traditional ceremonies to be held in Udaipur and Indore over four days in January. They are offering 10 two-day tickets to either city for $400 (about Rs 27,000) each, and 10 four-day passes to all events in both cities, including transportation between them, for $550 (Rs 37,000).

Software engineers Lavina Purohit and Abhishek Paliwal are offering two kinds of packages for their Indore-Udaipur wedding in January -- two days in either city, or a four-day pass to all events.

“Udaipur is my hometown, and an international tourist destination. You always see foreigner looking curiously at weddings here,” says Paliwal, 26. “This is a great wayto showcase our culture to tourists who are truly interestedin it. And not just for foreigners — I’ve lived in Bengaluru for a few years and I’d love toattenda south Indian wedding.”

Among the Indian agencies that has tied up with JoinMyWedding is Delhi-based Kataria Tours and Travels.“In my 15 years in this business, many clients have asked if they could attend a wedding here,” says founder and CEO Omkar Singh Kataria. “After I posted a notice about the service on our Facebook page earlier this week, previous clients have got in touch saying they wish the service had been available when they visited.”

First Published: Jul 16, 2016 21:25 IST