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Movie review: Ram Gopal Varma's Satya 2 is a disaster

Trashed by critics as yet another creative disaster directed by Ram Gopal Varma, Satya 2 fails to re-interpret that ultimate guns-and-gangs saga, Satya. With inept acting and facile screenplay, this one is a complete loss.

bollywood Updated: Nov 08, 2013 16:20 IST
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Satya 2 is yet another nail in Ram Gopal Varma's professional coffin. Satya, the ultimate guns-and-gangs saga, was clearly in no need of re-interpretation. So, what on earth was RGV thinking, wonder critics.

Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
Rating: *
Critic's take: This Satya (Ratn) zooms right up the scale-from a wet-behind-the-ears, tousle-haired rookie to a man who heads up a 'Company', the most confused conglomerate of crime and punishment to grace Bollywood-- so fast that you wonder where that Ramu has gone, the guy who had a sense of plot development, and the unfolding of a story, and the placing of foot-tapping songs-and-dance. For a man who is made to scale up so quickly, Ratn is remarkably unremarkable as an actor. Not a dead loss, but nothing that your eye rests on, not the way, for example, Vivek Oberoi's explosive Chandu, in 'Company'. Or the wonderful Bhiku Mhatre-Manoj Bajpai in 'Satya'.

Verdict: 'Satya' was a gamechanger. 'Satya 2' is not even in the game. 'Goli maar bheje mein'.


Mihir Fadnavis, First Post
Critic's take: Packed with catatonic acting, cheap sets, tacky songs, hilarious drama and more GoPro action than you can digest, Satya 2 is yet another nail in Ram Gopal Varma's professional coffin, or another laurel in his filmmaking wreath, depending on your cinema sensibility.

If you take the original Satya and eliminate every visible aspect of filmmaking know-how, you'd still get a better movie even if it is very similar to this quasi-sequel.


Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV

Rating: *1/2
Critic's take: Satya, the ultimate guns-and-gangs saga, was clearly in no need of re-interpretation. So, what on earth was RGV thinking? For all its obvious warts, Satya 2 may not be as insufferable as RGV Ki Aag, but it comes quite close to being a total creative disaster.

Skewed camera angles, frenzied cutting, a loud and persistent background score, inept acting all around and a hopelessly facile screenplay reduce the film to a Satya wannabe that sadly doesn't have a chance in hell of achieving its ambition.

Puneet Singh Ratn sports designer attire but has an unkempt look. He wears a permanent grimace and spouts his lame lines with studied gruffness. He arouses neither fear nor awe.

The lead actress, Anaika Soti, has little to do besides dancing in slow-mo musical set pieces and exhibiting her assets. They do not quite add up.

Verdict: Run for cover and give Satya 2 a miss. It is a whimper for there is no bang in the Satya buck anymore.


Paloma Sharma, Rediff
Rating: 1/2
Critic's take: The film is categorised as an action thriller. But there is very little action. Characters spend most of their time talking, brokering deals and playing the "dimag ka khel". As for the thriller part of it, there's not much there either unless you enjoy the way the camera voyeuristically pans to Chitra's navel or Special's scantily clothed form.


Madhureeta Mukherjee, The Times Of India
Rating: **
Critic's take: 'Satya 2' (unlinked sequel), thrives on randomness and implausible ideas. This don is unconvincing, seeking no wrath or sympathy of the viewers. The supporting cast is too weak, and the unforgettable bhaichara, the potbellied Kallu maamas and boisterous Bhikus (of Satya fame) are sorely missed. RGV relies on his trademark camera angles, close-ups and deafening 'Satya' chants (background score) to heighten drama, but guns down the plot at the onset. Even a good hangover of the remarkable prequel might have salvaged this one.


Mohar Basu, Koimoi
Rating: 0

Critic's take: Satya 2 in my opinion is Ram Gopal Varma's most shameful career decision so far. It is a horrifying surprise seeing the filmmaker's work deteriorate to this level of trash. It is hard to guess what was he trying to make here but he surely has inflicted serious wounds on his fans by making such a stupid, lame and a painful film. Even if I do ignore the fact that the film is an unlinked sequel of the hit Satya, as a standalone film too it is horrendous. The theories and reasoning used by the script is absurd and mindless. The background score chanting Satya's name has brain damaging effect. The cinematography is amateurish and the camera work will give you a migraine attack. Insipid, hollow and an absolute disaster, it will be hard to muster any faith on the filmmaker henceforth. I was particularly disappointed with a certain rape sequence that was so insensitively done that it made me want to wring the neck of whoever came up with it.


Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama
Rating: ***

Critic's take: Like RGV's previous endeavors, SATYA-2 is loaded with style and attitude. The plot too is shades different from the earlier films in this genre, with RGV moulding it in the thriller format and unleashing the screenplay at a feverish pace. The fact that SATYA-2 is not inspired by any of the gangster films attempted earlier keeps you on the edge and heightens the curiosity. But there are hiccups. The inclusion of songs is a blemish you just cannot disregard. Ideally, a film like SATYA-2 would've had a stronger impact if RGV would've avoided the songs. The songs only work as a speed breaker here. Even the one filmed in Kashmir, post Satya's marriage, is an absolute no-no, despite some stunning visuals it has to offer. Similarly, the romantic track between Satya and his sweetheart is far from mesmerizing.


First Published: Nov 08, 2013 15:23 IST

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