Your ultimate bikini dictionary
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Your ultimate bikini dictionary

Looking to strip down to the bare minimum or cover up as much as you can? There’s a –kini for every shade of prude

brunch Updated: May 14, 2016 20:17 IST

Looking to strip down to the bare minimum or cover up as much as you can? There’s a –kini for every shade of prude

The monokini

Also called a topless swimsuit or a unikini, it is just the lower half of a bikini (the panty portion) sold separately to mix and match or for use on a topless beach.

The microkini

The skimpiest two-piece of them all. This two-piece will cover just your crotch and nipples, leaving your butt and side of breasts exposed. A favourite among sunbathers.

The trikini

Dolce & Gabbana’s 2005 attempt to make the bikini even racier, this one comes in three pieces: each side of the top is a separate item meant to be tied or stuck on to stay in place

The bandini/bandeaukini

A two piece swimsuit that is bare on the shoulders like a bandeau top or a single band running horizontally to cover the chest.

The string bikini

Scantier, more revealing than a regular bikini it substitutes strings instead of straps to hold up the top and secure the sides of the bottom

The fauxkini

The one that looks like it’s a two-piece but is actually a single garment. Frills, loose tops and hidden seams give the impression of two separate pieces

The tankini

Regular bikini bottoms with varying levels of coverage, coupled with a tank top that covers the midriff

The sling bikini

The one piece that exposes your hips and side while still offering the coverage of a bikini. The waistline of the bottom extends upwards, covering the breasts to fasten behind the neck in a halter style

The skirtini

Your bikini top with a skirt bottom with panties underneath, often skirt length can cover anything from just the hips to mid-thigh.

The burkini

The most modest swimwear, the two piece comes full sleeved, covers the midriff ankles, and back but is still light enough to swim in. Many designs also include a headscarf to shield the face.

From HT Brunch, May 15, 2016

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First Published: May 14, 2016 19:19 IST