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Friendships Day 2018: Your circle of friends is ‘oh! so Delhi!

Here’s how the city and group of friends are basically the same thing.

delhi Updated: Aug 05, 2018 15:07 IST
Aditya Dogra
Aditya Dogra
Hindustan Times
Friendship Day,Delhi,Sarojini Nagar

Dilli and dilliwalon ki dosti is world famous! We don’t just flirt with the city, we romance it. Each part of the city makes us who we are, and that is why, we can identify each of our friends with a locality in the Capital. Sounds complicated? Let us break it down for you. Here’s how your group of friends is basically Delhi.

The friend that’s so DU


This type defines the kind of friend whose capabilities are always in Ninja mode. They’d spend all their time with you, prompt you to bunk classes and chill in HKV instead, and be the architect of every mass bunk ever. But, when it comes to exams, they always manage to score the highest. They’re also mostly the ones who are stuck with you for life, through thick and thin. That’s what makes them so DU!

The friend that’s so Gaffar Market


The eternal source of all the jugaad in the group, this variety can get you out of any fix within minutes (and that is what makes them so reliable, when all else fails). They have a ton of hacks up their sleeve, and there is nothing the world has created yet, that they haven’t cracked or jail broke. They aren’t also the ones to ask for favours in return, they consider it their duty to serve the ones around them.

The friend that’s so Sarojini Nagar


We’re sure you guys already guessed this one as the Fashionista of every group. They’re always up for shopping, are always up to date with all the trends, you can rely on them for all the wardrobe advice, and well, they’re always your go-to (no matter how fancy you’d like to pretend you are). Plus, they know how to get the best deal off every buck.

The friend that’s so Mandi House


This variety has a keen cultural bent. They live, breathe, and eat, art and are always up to something creative. They can easily be equated to human Pinterest boards, as they’re always out there inspiring others with what they do. They might not be the best in the group, but they’re definitely the most unique. Mostly dressed in kurtas, they are forever busy practising for their annual drama production.

The friend that’s so Rajouri Garden


Who do you call when you’re in a fight (and are outnumbered)? This variety. The muscle and powerhouse of the group, this kind holds their friends above everyone else and would be there whenever a friend is in need. They don’t care who was right or wrong, all that matters is your safety and the express demolition of whoever bothered you. To this variety, friends are basically family.

The friend that’s so GK 


The Diva of the group, and the one to always assume the responsibility of upping your ‘standards’, this variety is one who you love to hate. They’re great friends, but are just so amazingly annoying, too. You can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them, too. Such is your friendship with this one.

The friend that’s so JNU


If the Rajouri variety is the muscle power, this variety is its brainy equivalent. Since they don’t believe in warfare, the path they choose is of protest. They’re also often the wise counsel who would give you all the life gyaan over a cuppa and a cigarette. And are ready to do sit-ins and are very creative with slogans. also, they will always give you an alternative perspective.

The friend that’s so Jamuna Par


This variety makes for the perfect ‘invisible friend’. They pop up every now and then, but aren’t always available, you know, since they live ‘soooo far’. You’d often find them confused about inside jokes and group conversations since they haven’t bothered to catch up with you. But, they still win some points for effort. and go the extra mile (literally) to be with you.

The friend that’s so Dwarka


This type mostly consists of complete hustlers. They’re a fine mix of every trait of every other variety in the group, but at the same time are a class apart. They also often are in the misbelief that Dwarka is the only hot spot in town (since according to them it is a self-sustaining world).

The friend that’s so NCR


This one is quite popular. They are part of many groups, just like how the NCR cities are part of the respective state as well as quite the Capital and then, of course, the NCR. This kind schmoozes with a variety of groups and everyone wants to hang out with them, too. Usually, they know what’s happening where, but are unaffected.

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First Published: Aug 05, 2018 14:58 IST