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On a vacation and can't workout? Learn these tricks to stay fit

If you feel guilty about going on a vacation because you will lose out on your workout, we tell you how can burn calories and stay fit even when you are vacationing.

health and fitness Updated: Jun 24, 2015 17:10 IST
Shubhika Goel
Shubhika Goel
Hindustan Times
Workout,Vacation,Fitness Tips

Bitten by the wanderlust or just looking for a quick break from the crazy city life — taking a trip is an instant pep-me-up for almost everybody. But are your adventure-seeking travels making you miss your workouts?

Then, here’s help at hand. From relaxing amid snow-capped mountains to sunning on the sunny beach side, we tell you how to burn those calories while vacationing. Go ahead, get packing without the guilt.

Sweatin’ out on slopes
Looking to hit the higher altitudes but can’t include adventure sports in your itinerary? Then, try hiking or walking briskly in an uphill direction. This acts as a good cardio as well as an excellent lower body workout.


It also increases bone strength, lowers stress, and prevents insomnia. Running or cycling on mountain slopes will also help you lose weight as well as uplift your mood and boost your confidence.

For Luxe getaways
Going for a staycation at a luxurious resort or spa? “You can use hotel pools or swim in the water in the beach area and do some aqua aerobics,” says fitness trainer Kiran Sawhney. It is also the easiest way to tone-up and improve flexibility. Don’t just sit around either. Hit an aerobics class if there is one at the resort, or just hit the nightclub for some dancing to add to the fun and keep excess weight gain at bay. You could hit the gym too; toning and firming body therapies as well as ayurvedic massages are also a great get-fit option as they strengthen your muscles and take care of stretch-marks.

Burn kilos on the beach
While vacationing on the beach, you can still workout without using much space and with the help of easy-to-carry equipments. Calisthenics, spot jogging or yoga are good bets.


"You can carry a skipping rope, resistance bands or even a pair of light dumbbells with you, that are easy to pack and light to carry. Whenever you get a moment, use the skipping rope or get a complete workout on the resistance bands. For strength training use the dumbbells," says Dr Amprapali Patil, a fitness expert. We can assure this will be a fun workout on the sand with sea breeze and a beautiful view!

Home calling
Gearing up for some family time at your relative’s place? Put in your two bits and help out the hosts with household work such as cooking, gardening, making the bed or cleaning the house. Not only will you gain a coveted reputation as a model guest by helping out with chores, but doing housework is one of the best forms of exercise you can take to, while at home.

Holy dip of health

If you are on a soul-searching sojourn, make the most of it by adopting healthy habits. Take the temples staircases whenever you can.

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These stairs work well to practise your lunges and stretching excercises. Simple stretches and bends are good warm-ups and cool-off exercises. The bends will help you maintain flexibility. You can also join hands with the yoga practitioners to master a few asanas to get fit while on the move.

First Published: Jun 24, 2015 11:40 IST