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Aditi and Amar chat

Professionals seem to be making a beeline for Bollywood. Aditi Govitrikar, model, mother and actress and Amar 'Mihir' Upadhyay were both trained for other things - Aditi, a doctor and Amar, a chemical engineer. Read transcript of a chat with the two about their new film, Dhundh - The Fog on 21st February.

india Updated: Feb 21, 2003 19:10 IST

Mikka: How did Dhund - The Fog happen?

Amar: Producers and directors had seen my serials, and my pictures in Stardust. I heard the story and I was in.

Raman: What brings you to Delhi?
Amar: My producers are Delhi-based... I wanted to be here and see the reaction about Delhi people about the film. So I am here.

Laughingbuddha: Hi Amar! Why acting as a profession when you are a qualified chemical engineer?
Amar: Because it's all the game of fate. I was away to US for my chemical but landed up in acting field. It's all luck!

Reeta: Is it not difficult to get the big break in India like acting or modelling work?
Amar: Dekh Bhai Dekh. Mrs Jaya Bachchan had seen pictures of me in Stardust. I auditioned for it and got the role.

Warren: How has being a celebrity affected you as person?
Amar: It has not affected me till now.

Jeetu: What is your academic background?
Amar: Chemical Engineer

Das: How are you? How did your wife react to your joining glamour world?
Amar: She was cool about it. She knew that I would act before marriage and supported actively.

Tyagi: How's the response from the Delhi public?
Amar: Very good! The response is fantastic. The people of Delhi are very good!

Jaya: How was it to work with Aditi?
Amar: Very comfortable, in fact! We are very good friends!

Pooja: We perceive you in a different way from serial. How can we perceive you now?
Amar: I am an actor first. And I am playing a different character here. You can relate to me as a person now and relate to Dhundh - The Fog!

Yup: How tough is it to do a horror movie?
Amar: This is not a horror film. The Ramsay association makes you feel it is a horror film. It is a murder mystery. It feels fantastic to be in a murder mystery, for a change, and not a love story!

Tusshar: Is my sis Ekta a bully?
Amar: Hi Tusshar! She's not a bully. In fact she's a lovely person.

Mihir: What are your hobbies besides acting?
Amar: Reading novels, driving, watching movies... work out too.

Uppal: Are you still a part of LoC?
Amar: Yes! Very much so. I am a major part of LoC.

Mona: Why don't you change your site from Mihir Amar Hai to Mihir Now?
Amar: LOL! Yes, I will get it changed to just Amar Now!

Rahul: Are you a cricket fan?
Amar: Yes. I think India has a very good chance!

Smita: Any funny incident while acting in Dhundh - The Fog?
Amar: ummm..

Laughingbuddha: Amar, how was the audience response to your film on the first day. Heard you were there for the first show?
Amar: I was visiting a couple of theatres in Delhi. People loved the film. It was much more than I expected. We received a better response than a lot of films released recently.

Kapila: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Amar: From the actors like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Harish: What's your character in Dhundh - The Fog?
Amar: I play the owner of an ad agency and a photographer who gets involved in a murder.

Laughingbuddha: Do you think people are taking to thriller as a genre given that there've been quite a few thrillers recently and not all have done well (eg: Kuch To Hai, Baaz, Jism, Gunaah, 16th December etc)?
Amar: Dhundh - The Fog will do well as the second half of the movie is very good and the story is very good too. I don't know about the rest.

Sunita: You have shaped up pretty well. What regimen do you maintain?
Amar: I keep myself fit by workout and diet control.

Wuwuw: Did you find love stories boring?
Amar: Yes, actually. Once in a blue moon you get a good love story. I got a lot of good offers for love stories but didn't get a story which I liked. I chose Dhundh - The Fog instead.

Satyaki: Aditi, how do you manage between being a mom, model, actress and a doctor?
Aditi: It's all about learning time management. If men can do it then why not women?

Aryan: Aditi, what is the secret of your evergreen beauty?
Aditi: Keeping yourself fit mentally and physically and being a good person from within.

Kalyan: How was it working with Amar Upadhyay?
Aditi: Totally fantastic! He's a damn good actor and even better as a person. Very co-operative artist.

Prakriti: How does it feel to be a successful woman? Does your collective success seems more enticing to you than your individual successes? What role, do you think, your partner plays in your success?
Aditi: If it's about my husband you are referring I must say he's very supportive. He encouraged me to come to the industry. About Amar, I believe, he is one of the strong pillars of this film.

Goat: What would your reaction be if Aishwarya Rai proposes for a date?
Amar: It's my dream and hope it comes true! But at the same time, if my wife asks me for a date, I will dump Aish!

Laughingbuddha: Aditi, as a doc aren't you a misfit in acting?
Aditi: Absolutely not!

Sangeet: Will you do serials now?
Amar: No, only films.

Mihirfan: Amar, how do you choose a film?
Amar: Script, producer and director have to be strong, and if these are strong, I will do the film.

Sonya: Hey Amar, what's your nickname?
Amar: Amar, that's all!

Shilpa: What kind of roles do you look forward to?
Amar: I am doing a love story, war film, a comedy and a murder mystery. Now, I am in the look out for an anti-hero now.

Aditi: Amar, do you think you married too early? What about us girls?
Amar: What has marriage got to do with females after me? I still love them and I think they should also. They can do anything they want with me. Bindaas!

Rashi: Amar, will you be doing any shows?
Amar: There's one in South Africa in May. This is what I am beginning with.

Abhi: Your next movies?
Amar: Ek Bar Kaho, LoC and Vah Vah Ramji.

Kumar_18: Amar, are you following the Cricket World Cup? And what do you think about India's chances?
Amar: Our chances are good. We have won two and lost just one. There are many matches to look forward to.

Kumar_18: Aditi, a lot of ladies in Bollywood have got married just when their careers were taking of. Sunidhi Chauhan, the popular singer, too tied the knot when she was only 20. Do you regret your decision of getting married? And does it affect you in any way?
Aditi: My husband was the one who motivated and supported me to go for Mrs. India, modelling and movies so I am here because of him. If I married late then perhaps I would have been in just medicine.

Sunny: After your pregnancy how did you get back to shape?
Aditi: I knew what to eat and what not to. I also did aerobics and was back in shape in no time.

Seagull: Do you think the country lost a good doctor because she took to acting?
Aditi: No! The doctor's still there. In future I plan to continue medicine!

Abhilakh: Ms Aditi, in our society women are suppressed. Have you faced from your in-laws?
Aditi: Not at all! My in-laws have been very supportive. My father-in-law cuts all my clippings and mother-in-law takes care of my daughter when I travel. May God give all bahuranis similar in-laws!

Abhilakh: What is your message to suppressed women?
Aditi: I think they should take charge of their life and see to it that whatever crime is happening against them is addressed. There is help available all across.

Laughingbuddha: Aditi, what was your role in 16th December like?
Aditi: It was a fun role. It was the only glamourous part in the movie. It was a special appearance.

Jungle_boy: Aditi, what are your upcoming movies?
Aditi: I have signed a movie for which I will start shooting in April.

Sonia: What's your role in Dhundh - The Fog all about?
Aditi: I am doing the main lead. It's about a model who takes part with beauty contest and a murder happens. And how she takes care of it with her boyfriend and her cousin.

Laughingbuddha: What does Kiara mean?
Aditi: It's an Italian word which means light.

Abhilakh: Do you see cinema impacting our society?
Aditi: Definitely! It makes a difference on what message is conveyed. Youth and small children kind of ape what's going on in movies, so that's why they say that the crime should be reduced in movies.

Seagull: Are models conscious of the brands they promote? I saw you endorse Pataka Chai?
Aditi: Yes, I am. It was a tea brand I promoted. I myself drink three cups everyday.

Aankurk: How does your husband cope with your busy schedules?
Aditi: He's equally busy. He's a surgeon at Lilavati hospital. We take holidays every year and take time out of each other.

Laughingbuddha: Your in-laws seem pretty broad-minded? How do you think would you have dealt with a typical chauvinistic family even if superficially they endorsed your career option?
Aditi: I guess I would not have got married in the family then. If you get married you should look at everything. You marry the family too.

Laughingbuddha: Aditi, you are the traditional good looking woman. Is it genes, training and observation as a model or something else?
Aditi: To start with, it's good genes. I have to thank my parents. Training also is a part of it. One has to groom and take care of how one looks.

Tay2k1: Aditi, what are your hobbies apart from modelling?
Aditi: I love reading. I read a lot particularly fiction.

Sunny: Aditi, don't ramp shows become boring after a while?
Aditi: They do! In fact that's why it's essential for a model to concentrate on something else also so that it doesn't get stagnated.

Ankurk: Hey don't you think it's been a long time since we bagged any award like miss world? What do you think is the reason?
Aditi: I have won Mrs. World in 2001, which is not too long back.

Abhilakh: In the recent past cinema became a route to politics but most actors do not stand upto the mark whether in or out of Parliament. Do you agree? Then why don't they do some other constructive work for the nation and society?
Aditi: I don't agree to that statement at all. I think Shatrughan Sinha and Vinod Khanna are doing a good job as clean politicians.

Seagull: Is motherhood a condition to participate in the Mrs World competition?
Aditi: No, it's not! You have to be 18 and married.

Rashi: Aditi, why don't you sign some substance movies, I mean, go for some solo roles?
Amar: Well, Dhundh - The Fog is a solo role and hopefully you will see me in more such roles.

Seagull: Do you believe Amar that TV has become a good launchpad for budding large screen actors?
Amar: In my case, I got a lot of love and appreciation from my TV roles and it helped me become a good actor. It's easier to get into serials than movies but it's not a rule that you have to act in TV before doing movies. There are many good actors who have never been on TV and there have been many TV actors who have never been in movies.

Laughingbuddha: Aditi, do you, at all, intend getting back to the profession you trained for?
Aditi: Yes, of course.

First Published: Feb 20, 2003 15:42 IST