Wellness hack you must try before having your morning coffee

Dec 05, 2021 02:55 PM IST

Do you start your day with a cup of tea or coffee? Here's what you need to do right before it.

Sipping a steaming cup of tea or coffee especially on winter mornings is an absolute bliss. It prepares us to face the day, boosts our energy levels and increases brain functions. But if you are having your favourite hot beverage first thing in the morning, you need to know this.

Here's what happens when you have tea or coffee before drinking water.(Shutterstock)
Here's what happens when you have tea or coffee before drinking water.(Shutterstock)

According to experts, coffee is a diuretic and makes us further dehydrated when the body is already deprived of water for the entire night which could have numerous health consequences.

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"Your body is dehydrated after fasting all night and as coffee is a diuretic it fuels the problem even more," says Tim Gray, health optimising biohacker, psychology specialist, entrepreneur and global speaker.

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The simple solution to avoid this problem and several health risks is to have a glass of water right after waking up to help clear out toxins and not get dehydrated.

"If you want better performance and to feel better, hydrating immediately upon waking (and even better adding half a teaspoon of Celtic salt to it) hydrates your brain, supports your adrenals and energy production, supports clearing out toxins, and in turn helps you to begin your day feeling focused and clear-headed, which is essential to have a productive happy day," writes Gray on her Instagram account.

What happens when you have tea or coffee before drinking water.

"Having coffee before drinking water is madness (and lazy) and ensures it gives you only half the kick - with too much stress on your adrenals," warns Gray.

If you are someone who can't help but reach out for a cup of coffee every morning, there are chances you might be suffering from certain health issues.

"If you pee too much, are tired all the time, get acid reflux, get brain fog, have dry skin, get headaches or have lots of issues with your teeth, and especially if you rely on coffee to wake up, you probably need to hydrate better, and this means you need to have more minerals in your diet as well as water," says the wellness expert.

In nutshell, have your cup of coffee, but do not forget to hydrate yourself first.

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