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Have you tried floral tea? Adding flowers to your cuppa can have amazing benefits

Make floral tea your best friend, for it combats stress and diseases, and boosts immunity, among several other benefits.

more lifestyle Updated: Sep 20, 2017 19:22 IST
Etti Bali
Etti Bali
Hindustan Times
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Wildflowers and various herbs for herbal tea.(iStock)

The changing weather is a signal of new beginnings and festivities galore, but also a plethora of diseases that weaken the immune system. How about combating them with a cup (or two) of floral tea? Flowers have for long been used in Indian kitchens. Infuse them with tea, and a cold-proof concoction is ready.

“During change of seasons, catching the flu is common. Drinking teas prepared with linden flower, dandelion or echinacea, and combined with honey and lemon work the best,” says executive chef Neeraj Tyagi of Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel. “These teas can be made with dried or blooming flowers, and aid weight loss, give the skin a natural glow, and keep cholesterol levels in check,” says corporate chef Nishant Choubey of The Roseate.

Rich in antioxidants, floral teas are also almost zero-calorie drinks. So, pick the flowers depending on your need, and brew the tea in minutes.

Calm your nerves with jasmine

Jasmine Tea reduces stress and lifts the mood.

Make a small tea bag like pouch full of crushed jasmine flowers per cup of hot water and allow to sit for two to four minutes, or until the desired strength of brew is reached. Be careful not to steep the tea for too long otherwise it may become bitter. If you feel the need, you can sweeten the tea with honey or sugar. Milk can be added as well.
Health benefits: Reduces stress and lifts the mood, and helps lower blood pressure.
Preferred consumption:Two to three cups a day.

— By Rohit Srivastava of Sidewalk, Hyatt Regency

Regulate cholesterol with rose hip

Rose Hip concoction helps strengthen the immune system.

Add some tea leaves, rose hip and hibiscus flowers in a hot pot of water and let it brew for a while, depending on how strong you like your tea.
Health benefits: Rich in Vitamin C, it helps strengthen the immune system. Also helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
Preferred consumption: Daily intake should be limited to two to three cups.

— By executive chef Neeraj Tyagi, Mister Chai, Shangri La’s Eros Hotel

Stay in shape with butterfly pea flower

Butterfly Pea Tea aids weight loss.

Steep butterfly pea flower in warm water for about three minutes and add a dash of lemon juice. The drink will turn purple because of pH changes and is ready to be consumed.
Health benefits: Effective in aiding weight loss and keeping cholesterol levels in check. It is also a rich source of antioxidants.
Preferred consumption: Two cups a day.

— By corporate chef Nishant Kumar Choubey, The Roseate

Antiseptic uses of lavender

Lavender tea reduces anxiety and stress.

Take half a teaspoon anise, one stick of fresh rosemary sprig and one teaspoon of lavender tea or a blooming lavender flower. Steep in one cup of hot water.
Health benefits: It helps reduce anxiety and stress, acts as an antiseptic, promotes healthy hair and supports digestion. This tea is also known to have anti-ageing properties.
Preferred consumption: Two cups a day.

— By Vijay Prakash of Smoke House Deli

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First Published: Sep 20, 2017 19:19 IST