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Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as it happened, Telugu Titans vs UP Yoddha: Titans win 34-29

Telugu Titans registered second win on the trot as they beat UP Yoddha 34-29 in Pro Kabaddi league match on Saturday. It was a team effort by the Titans who had Rahul Chaudhari and Nilesh Salunke chipping in with raid points, while Abozar Mighani and Vishal Bhardwaj kept the UP Yoddha raiders quiet for most of the match. Prashanth Kumar Rai was the top scorer with 11 points for UP Yoddha but his effort went in vain.

Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON OCT 13, 2018 10:16 PM IST
21:10 hrs IST

That’s it

That’s it from us! Thanks for joining us. Do stay with us as the action continues.

21:08 hrs IST

Titans win

Telugu Titans win in the end!! Rahul Chaudhari with a super raid to finish the match!! 34-29 it finishes.

21:01 hrs IST

Yoddha claw back

Just as it looked Titans were running away with the match Yoddha claw back and are back in the match. Still underdogs though.

20:53 hrs IST

Titans heading for win

Just about four minutes left and Tiitans look to have an unassailable lead. Vishal Bhardwaj, Nilesh Salunke have all been excellent. Yoddha poor.

20:50 hrs IST

Chaudhari nails a do or die raid

Rahul Chaudhari gets a point for Titans in a do or die raid. There is just way that the UP yoddha to get a headway into the match.

20:47 hrs IST

Last 10 minutes

Last 10 minutes of the match and match is interestingly poised. The lead is still seven points. UP Yoddha will have to take some risks now.

20:39 hrs IST

Devadiga the man for Yoddha

If UP are to have any chance in this match then Rishank Devadiga has to stand up and drag his team into the match. As things stand there is lot to be done as the lead is constant.

20:34 hrs IST

Titans extend Lead

Titans led by 5 points at half time and in the second half they have extended their lead. They now lead by 7 points. big task ahead for the UP Yoddha players.

20:32 hrs IST

Couple of empty raids

Couple of empty raids to begin the second half. Cagey start

20:25 hrs IST

Half time, Titans lead

Half time and Titans lead 18-13 against UP Yoddha. Brilliant by Salunke and Bhardwaj.

20:23 hrs IST

Green card

Green card for Amit of UP Yoddha.

20:17 hrs IST

Titans open up a lead

Telugu Titans have opened up a four point lead and now look the better side. captain Vishal Bhardwaj playing a crucial role. Nilesh Salunke impressive

20:13 hrs IST

Close encounter

It’s been a very close encounter so far! both teams neck and neck in the first 12 minutes. 9-8 to Telugu Titans.

20:08 hrs IST

Devadiga the star

Rishank has already earned two points for the Yoddhas and he is keeping his billing. 6-4 to Titans!

20:03 hrs IST

Telugu Titans start well

Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunki get the Titans on board! Rishank Devadiga opens the scoring for Yodhha

20:02 hrs IST

Action begins!

Telugu Titans vs UP Yoddha is underway

19:49 IST

Action set to begin!

The match between Telugu Titans and UP Yoddha is set to begin in about 10 minutes. It will be a cracker!!

19:36 hrs IST

Winner goes top

The team that wins this match will go top of Zone B. Big motivation for both teams, although there is still a long way to go.

19:30 hrs IST

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Hindustan Times’ live blog as Telugu Titans take on UP Yoddha in a Pro Kabaddi League 2018 match on Saturday.

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