Pro Kabaddi 2019, Telugu Titans vs U Mumba Highlights, Match 1(PKL Image)
Pro Kabaddi 2019, Telugu Titans vs U Mumba Highlights, Match 1(PKL Image)

Pro Kabaddi 2019, Telugu Titans vs U Mumba Highlights, Match 1: As it happened

As it happened: Telugu Titans lost to U Mumba 25-31 in front of their home fans in the first match of the season seven of the Pro Kabaddi League. Titans’ Siddarth Desai was way off the pace and scored just 5 point in the match as they lost to Fazel Atrachali troops. U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh ended with 10 points and he was their star of the day.Follow Telugu Titans vs U Mumba highlights below:

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20:40 hrs IST

Match ends

Siddharth Desai ends the match with an empty raid as U Mumba win the first match of the season 31-25. U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh ended with 10 points and he was their star in attack. Rajnish was the top scorer for Telugu Titans as he ended with 8 points while Siddharth Desai had a poor game and ended with 5 points.

20:33 hrs IST

Titans cutting points

Rakesh Gowda takes out Fazel Atrachali during the Titans’ raid. U Mumba’s Arjun Deshwal is tackled by Rakesh Gowda as Titans win two points in a row. Siddharth Desai then takes out Surender Singh during his raid as Titans cut U Mumba’s lead. Sandeep Narwal is too ousted by Siddharth Desai as it becomes a five-point game now but time is on the side of U Mumba who lead 30-25

20:27 hrs IST

‘Sultan’ lives up to expectations

After winning a bonus point, Titans’ Siddharth Desai finally wins his first touch point of the day as he ousts Harendra Kumar. U Mumba’s Athul MS is tackled hard by Vishal Bhardwaj. Siddharth Desai is not able to continue is good work and is taken down by Fazel Atrachali. Farhad Milaghardan is then felled by Atrachali as U Mumba take their lead to 27-19.

20:20 hrs IST

No stopping U Mumba

In U Mumba’s do or die raid, Athul MS is tackled by Abozar Mighani. Telugu Titans’ Rajnish wins a bonus point as they look to crawl back in the match. Siddharth Desai still cannot open his account as he is taken for the fifth time today and it is that man Sandeep Narwal once again who shine the brightest for U Mumba. Abhishek Singh is tackled by Titans’ Farhad Milaghardan but U Mumba continue to dominate and lead 25-17 with seven minutes to go.

20:14 hrs IST

Second all-out

Telugu Titans’ raider Rajnish is comprehensively taken out by the U Mumba defenders and they have effected the second all-out of the day. Three points added to the tally of U Mumba as they now lead 24-13 in the second half.

20:08 hrs IST

U Mumba on fire

U Mumba continue their upward surge as this time Abhishek Singh wins a raid point by the slightest of touches on C Arun. Rajnish wins a bonus point for Telugu Titans but U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh continues his good runs in the match and wins a raid point by taking out Abozar Mighani

20:01 hrs IST

Second half begins

U Mumba start off from where they have left in the first half as Rohit Baliyan wins a raid point and ousts Rakesh Gowda. After a three empty raids from both teams, U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh outs Aakash Arsul and wins a raid point. In Telugu Titans’ do or die raid, Rajnish wins a bonus point but U Mumba lead 19-11 early on in the second half.

19:56 hrs IST


U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh extends Mumba’s lead by winning a raid point and taking out Vishal Bhardwaj. Titans’s Farhad Milaghardan is emphatically taken out by Sandeep Narwal who has been simply on fire today. Titan’s Rakesh Gowda wins a raid point by evading Abhishek Singh. U Mumba raider Athul MS is finally felled by Rajnish. At the end of first half, U Mumba lead 17-10.

19:51 hrs IST

Titans on the backfoot

After the all-out, Siddharth Desai came like a man on a mission but he is tackled expertly by Sandeep Narwal. U Mumba’s Rohit Balyan is felled by Abozar Mighani and he concedes a point. Sandeep Narwal is also taken out by Titans’ Vishal Bhardwaj as Titans try to cut down the lead. But Athul MS wins a raid point by taking out Titans’ Rajnish and Siddharth Desai once again cannot do anything in the do or die raid. U Mumba lead 15-8.

19:45 hrs IST

Mumba extend lead

Siddharth Desai has been felled for the second time today as he is taken out by Sunrender Singh this time. U Mumba’s Rohit Balyan wins couple of raid points as he outs Vishal Bhardwaj and Abozar Mighani. Rajnish wins a bonus point for Titans but Mumba extend their lead courtesy of Abhishek Singh who effects an all-out and wins four points in total. U Mumba lead 12-6.

19:40 hrs IST

Atrachali on fire early on

First blood to Fazel Atrachali as he brings down Siddharth Desai and wins a tackle point. Abhishek Singh comes up with an empty raid for U Mumba. Fazel Atrachali once again comes up with a big tackle point and brings down Rajnish this time. But Farhad Milaghardan comes up with the goods and outs Atrachali and wins a raid point. U Mumba lead 4-3

19:35 hrs IST

Match begins

Rajnish starts with a bonus point for Titans. Athul MS too gets his foot over the black line and wins a bonus point for U Mumba. Siddharth Desai starts off with an empty raid but Rohit Baliyan is tackled by Arun and Titans lead 2-1 early on the match.

19:29 hrs IST

Big reception for players

The two sets of players are out in the middle amid huge uproar as we are about to get underway here in Hyderabad. The players are now getting ready for the national anthem which will mark open the tournament. U Mumba have won the toss and they have opted for the choice of court.

19:22 hrs IST

Old friends become foes

One of the star performers for Mumbai last year was Siddharth Desai who had a great debut season for them. As he moves to Telugu Titans, Mumbai will look towards Rohit Baliyan, Dong Geon Lee, Abhishek Singh and Athul MS to step up. None of those raiders combined had the raid point tally that Desai had last season. Rohit is the most experienced raider in the team (52 Matches). With none of the other raiders having played more than 25 PKL matches, much of the responsibility will fall on his shoulders.

19:15 hrs IST

Revamped U Mumba

Mumbai won the season 2 and made it into the finals of the first three seasons. Last season, with led by a new coach and a new captain in Fazel Atrachali, U Mumba finished second in Zone A with a total of 15 wins, with their defence once again living up the reputation. A 29 – 34 defeat in the Eliminator-1 to UP Yoddha ended their campaign as they failed to reach the final.

19:10 hrs IST

Consistent Mumba

U Mumba have been one of the the most consistent teams in the Pro Kabaddi League since its inception. The side has always relied on its defensive prowess, and they have managed to book a semis or a playoff berth in every season, except for in season 4 and season 5.

19:05 hrs IST

Titans’ strong defence

The Titans got back both their ace corner defenders – Vishal Bhardwaj and Abozar Mighani – spending big money. The team used the FBM card to get both of them, spending 75 Lakhs on Abozar and 60 Lakhs on Vishal Bhardwaj. Left cover Anil Kumar was let go and C. Arun has been bought as a replacement for 10 Lakhs. Along with Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunkhe, who was their 2 nd raider for almost 3 seasons has also been let go.

18:55 hrs IST

Titans’ newest Titan

The Titans failed to make it into the final of Pro Kabaddi League, despite reaching the playoffs twice in season 2 and season 4. Last year, the side finished in the 5th spot in Zone B. The decision to let of Rahul put the franchise in a position to buy a massive replacement for him. As his replacement, Telugu Titans have bought one of the stars of PKL 6, Siddharth Desai, spending a massive 145 lakhs (highest bid for PKL 6 auction) to get him.

18:45 hrs IST

Hello and welcome

A very warm welcome to the live blog of the first match of the season between Telugu Titans and U Mumba. The two teams will look to get off the block early and set the tone of the rest of the tournament. Titans will pin all their hopes on Siddharth Desai while Fazel Atrachali will be rally his U Mumba troops for this blockbuster contest.

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