Eat five superfoods to stay healthy, says Rujuta Diwekar at Chandigarh Literati-2017

Rujuta Diwekar, a leading nutritionist and fitness expert spoke about five superfoods of the region, which all must include in their diet. 

punjab Updated: Nov 27, 2017 11:37 IST
Tanbir Dhaliwal
Tanbir Dhaliwal
Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
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Rujuta Diwekar at the Chandigarh Literati Festival on Saturday. (Sanjeev Sharma/HT)

What are the top five food items that will help you stay thin and also prevent diabetes and keep cholesterol in check? Rujuta Diwekar, a leading nutritionist and fitness expert, answered these questions during her talk at the Chandigarh Literati 2017 on Sunday.

She spoke about five superfoods of the region, which all must include in their diet.


Rujuta Diwekar insisted on having milk and milk products, especially desi ghee, which is a super food according to her. “I was shocked to see people in Punjab, known as largest producers of milk and milk products, having paranthas or chapattis without ghee or butter, coffee or tea without milk,” said Rujuta Diwekar. She believes it being the main reason why Punjab has most obese people.

“When we go through nutrition transition and give up on our local, native, regional food and we begin to adopt a food system, which has no resonance to our region, culture, that’s when our waists start spilling out in a protest for you to go back to your more local diet,” she said.

Talking about why everyone should have ghee, Rujuta said, “Ghee will help you to reduce or mobilise stubborn fat.”She added that the ghee is an essential fatty acid which is needed to assimilate vitamin D.Ghee will also help in constipation.


Eat your pickle with pride,” said Rujuta, who linked deficiency of B12 with the habit of leaving pickle.

“When you eat pickle with your food, it provides your body with the right conditions to make your own B 12 and you also assimilate all of the vitamins from the food. It helps you nurture the diversity of good bacteria in your stomach. It is pro-biotic,” Rujuta said.


“This is the most important detox. We can eat it in several ways like sugarcane, jaggery, shakkar and sugar. Why to look for sugar substitutes? People say stevia is natural, but isn’t sugarcane natural?” she asked and advised “use sugarcane, which is genetically compliant to us.”


Rujuta said that any food you know you can use in more than five ways, is an excellent food for you. “Amla is not only rich in Vitamin C but it has many other micro nutrients also. It lends itself to all kinds of dishes. It will keep your food system intact,” said the nutritionist.


Eat it with white butter and not the yellow one. You get all kinds of folic acid and micro nutrients that will help in improving your health,” said Rujuta.

The nutritionist said, “A diet which makes you thin is a diet which makes you happy. It is a diet which you can have for the rest of the life.”

First Published: Nov 27, 2017 11:37 IST