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Elden Ring player achieves one-shot victory against fearsome Draconic Tree Sentinel

May 19, 2023 09:57 AM IST

Elden Ring Redditor's unbelievable arrow shot takes down legendary Draconic Tree Sentinel

The rustic world of Elden Ring is infamous for its terrifying enemies and the need for innovative strategies to defeat them. Players often find themselves exploring alternate approaches rather than engaging in a direct fight.

Elden Ring player devastates Draconic Tree Sentinel with a single arrow. (Image Credit: FromSoftware Inc.)
Elden Ring player devastates Draconic Tree Sentinel with a single arrow. (Image Credit: FromSoftware Inc.)

With vast and intricate lore, Elden Ring offers players a vast range of options for combat, allowing them to choose their preferred playstyle. Some opt for long-range attacks with powerful spells, while others prefer the intensity and rush of close-quarters combat.

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The vastly popular MMO RPG game's depth and flexibility grant players the freedom to pursue their goals using an array of tactics.

A recent video posted on Reddit by haireun showcased a remarkable feat accomplished in Elden Ring. In the 31-second clip, the Redditor one-shots the Draconic Tree Sentinel, one of the game's most infamous enemies, with a single, well-aimed arrow from a great distance.

This daring arrow shot allowed the player to bypass what would have been a frustrating battle later in the game. Armed with Radahn's Greatbow, haireun perched on the cliffs above the Draconic Tree Sentinel, taking careful aim at its head. With a single shot, the enemy was vanquished.

Many had previously questioned the effectiveness of bows in a game where enemies can swiftly close the distance. However, the Redditor’s incredible display showcased the true potential of bows in Elden Ring and highlighted their viability as a strategic choice.

The treacherous guardian has become infamous within the community for featuring countless inventive methods of defeat just like the Hitman franchise. The Guardian has become a favourite target for Elden gamers to test different builds, resulting in a plethora of memes and inside jokes on Reddit.

The gamers’ creative ingenuity shines through as they continue to explore the game's arsenal of possibilities and push the boundaries. The Draconic Tree Sentinel has become a symbol of the community's resourcefulness and ability to forge unforgettable moments within the game.

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As the MMO RPG community continues to explore and experiment, the Draconic Tree Sentinel stands as a reminder of their creative prowess and the countless memorable experiences they forge within the game.

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