Dog turns off tap after drinking water. ‘More responsible than humans,’ says Redditor

ByTrisha Sengupta
Oct 02, 2023 09:29 PM IST

A video posted on Reddit shows how a dog uses its nose to turn on a tap and also turn it off.

Dogs are remarkably intelligent animals, and some videos shared on social media perfectly capture the cognitive abilities of the pooches. There are times when the creatures can also end up teaching humans a lesson or two. A situation just like that is recorded in this video shared on Reddit. The video shows a dog opening a tap to drink water. However, what is even more incredible is how the pooch turns the tap off after it quenches its thirst. The video has even prompted a few people to say that the pooch is "more responsible" than some humans.

The image shows a dog using a tap to drink water. (Screengrab)
The image shows a dog using a tap to drink water. (Screengrab)

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“He opened the tap like he pays the rent!” reads the quirky caption posted along with the video on Reddit. The clip opens to show the dog jumping up on a platform near a tap. The pooch then opens the tap using its nose and drinks water. Once done, the dog uses its snoot again to turn off the tap. The video also has a text insert that reads, “What a clever dog.”

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Take a look at this video of the intelligent dog:

The video was originally posted on TikTok, and later made its way onto Reddit where it accumulated more than 2,900 upvotes. The share has further gathered tons of comments from people.

What did Reddit users say about this dog video?

“What a good boy, he even knows to turn it off when he's done!” praised a Reddit user. “Smart dog! The best part is that he shuts it off,” joined another. “He is more responsible in water conservation than us humans!” commented a third.

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“My dog Marshall will turn the tub spout on and off. At first, he only turned it on, but when I got a new hound they'd get excited and jump up the handle to get water and accidentally turn it off and I'd give her a treat for turning it off by accident. So Marshall started turning it off as well to get a treat,” shared a fourth. “I’m impressed! He turned it off afterwards,” wrote a fifth.

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