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Bubble burst

The new soap Saath Nibhana Saathiya and the reality show Chak Dhoom Dhoom have boredom in common writes Rachana Dubey.
Hindustan Times | By Rachana Dubey, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 05, 2010 02:15 PM IST

Chak Dhoom Dhoom
Timing: 9 pm, Friday - Saturday
Cast: Saroj Khan, Vindu Dara Singh, Ahmed Khan, Pravesh Rana, Saloni Daini and a bunch of knee-high dancers.

This one’s really unfortunate but true. Saroj Khan, Ahmed Khan and Vindu Dara Singh with Pravesh Rana and Saloni Daini fail to make an impact as a team that’s holding the show on screen. It’s too disheartening to see one performer after another getting the boot from the judges. Wonder what they were looking for actually! The entire packaging makes you sad. The only thing you want to do is switch off the show that does everything, but entertain you.

Saroj Khan, particularly, needs to learn how to talk to kids. The judges first praise the kids and then say they can’t come in, which comes across as being rather impolite and stern. Ahmed Khan salvages the show, to an extent. We’re still trying to figure what Mr Singh is doing on a dance show.

What we like
Pravesh Rana does a good job as the kids’ sounding board. He tries to lift their spirit very sweetly.
The idea of providing kids a platform to dance is welcome.
Ahmed Khan is very sweet with the kids, something that the lady judge needs to learn.

And don’t like
Once again, this one’s a case of a good concept, poor execution.
The show can do without Vindu Dara Singh.
Saroj Khan’s tongue, despite efforts, is razor sharp with the kids.
The packaging leaves you feeling disheartened.
The show lacks entertainment value.
* and 1/2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya
: 7 pm, Weekdays
Cast: Jiaa Maanek, Vishal Singh, Rucha Hasabnis and Mohammed Nazim

The show has a typical Gujarati backdrop. Hence, all kinds of heavy saris, jari and jewellery are permitted to enter the scene, whether there’s a marriage in the family or the girl is just off to college on a regular day.

From the look of it, it’s a kind of Cindrella-meets-churan story. One of the leading ladies (newcomer Jiaa Maanek) is a tormented soul in her maternal aunt’s house, who with her witch-like daughter, treats her like an animal and she bears the brunt, silently.

In another home, her would-be mother-in-law, who looks like a monster, rejects a girl because she’s highly educated and has a well-rounded personality.

Eventually, we’d find odd matches between a dumb village belle and a rich spoilt brat, and the educated girl will end up with a comparatively dumb, laid back guy.

So our village belle is shown as a desi Cindrella, who has to grin and bear with nasty in laws and a husband who treats her like churan.

What we like
The show offers an acting platform to a bunch of newcomers.

And don’t like
It is set in another time zone that no one can relate to. Girls, for instance, don’t talk of marriage as shown, unless they have absolutely nothing to look forward to in life.
The loud clothes and backward settings induce a pukey sensation.
The timing is too bad for anyone to catch the show.
There’s serious amount of overacting involved by the actors, whether they play protagonists or mums and dads.
After a point, you’d switch the channel because it’s too old fashioned and boring.

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