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Superhero recap: This is how the latest seasons of The Flash and Arrow are similar

We know they are two very different shows, but, The Flash and Arrow are connected. Here are seven ways in which the storylines this season are similar.

tv Updated: May 22, 2017 12:42 IST
Aditya Dogra
Aditya Dogra
Hindustan Times
Arrow,The Flash,Oliver Queen
The Flash and Arrow from a crossover episode.

Both of them are DC superheroes who often work together, but, when they are not crossing over, they do have separate spotlight shows that are all about their individual story arc. While the shows have very different themes, the current seasons of both Arrow and The Flash have been very similar, in ways.

While many fans might not even notice small details or plot points, we’ve managed to select seven prominent similarities in the storylines. Read on to know more.


The Flash saves his mother; Arrow interrogates Justin Claybourne.

The underlying theme for both, The Flash and Arrow, is about the mistakes of the past that have come back to haunt you. The Flash creates Flashpoint (an alternate timeline), and although he fixes it, all lives are affected because of his mistake. This very mistake gives rise to his villain too, making the season all about bearing consequences. SImilarly, Arrow’s villain, too, is a spawn of his past mistakes, and the hero has to pay for his past sins throughout the season.


Arrow rescuing John Diggle; Cisco fighting Gypsy.

Arrow and Flash are both good guys, but when friends are in danger, they don’t mind going against the law to keep them safe. When friend and partner, John Diggle a.k.a Spartan from Arrow is framed and jailed, Oliver Queen breaks him out of jail. The Flash does something similar while trying to save H.R (Earth 19 Harrison Wells). When Gypsy comes to collect H.R for illegal inter-dimensional travel, Cisco and Flash try to first trick Gypsy and later challenge her to a trial by combat.


Prometheus and Savitar.

The villains from both the shows, Savitar (The Flash) and Prometheus (Arrow), are like mirror images of the heroes, but just not as sane. While Savitar is a future version of Barry and is in all ways a mirror image, identity and powers included, Prometheus dons similar gear (hood included) and has a mastery in similar weapons. The latter is even trained under the same teacher as Arrow.


Evelyn Sharp aka Artemis and Killer Frost.

Both shows this season saw old friends and allies side with the villain and betray the team. Caitlyn Snow turned into Killer Frost this season on The Flash and decided to fight against her former friends and teammates to help Savitar achieve his goal. On Arrow, Evelyn Sharp a.k.a Artemis, who is a new recruit on Team Arrow, turns out to be an ally of Prometheus, in a shocking reveal, and also helps him kidnap members from Team Arrow.


Iris and Joe West; Wild Dog and his daughter.

Both the shows had quite a few characters connect with their parents on various levels. These include Wild Dog and his daughter, Oliver Queen and William, Oliver and Thea and their father, Quentin and Laura Lance, Prometheus and Justin Claybourne, Iris and Joe West, Caitlyn Snow and Carla, and Harrison Wells and Jesse Quick.


Felicity on the ARGUS mission; Barry powers the speed force bazooka with the stolen tech.

When in need, steal from ARGUS (special opts division of the government) — this seems to be another mantra that both shows adopted. Felicity helped steal a chip from Argus and got an ally of Helix (an organisation she was working with) released, while The Flash broke into ARGUS to steal a piece of Dominator technology that he needed to power the Speed Force Bazooka.


Malcolm Merlin; The Flash asks Captain Cold for a favour.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you are facing an adversary that you cannot defeat on your own, you need enemies to become friends. Flash partnered with Captain Cold , an old foe, to help with a plan to defeat Savitar. Similarly, Arrow roped in Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa Al Ghul and Deathstroke to help him fight Prometheus.

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First Published: May 22, 2017 12:41 IST