Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019 highlights: Not a raise, want to be paid as much as Akshay Kumar, says Kareena Kapoor Khan

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Dec 07, 2019 09:07 AM IST

Hindustan Times Leadership Summit’s 17th edition began today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering the inaugural address. The theme for this year’s thought conclave is “Conversations for a better tomorrow” and will see political leaders, corporate heads and torchbearers from various fields debate and ideate over the course of these two days.Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has redefined the rules of Indian politics, speaking at the event, said the revocation of Article 370 and the Ayodhya verdict ensured a better tomorrow for the countrymen. Saying the deadline has now become sacrosanct in the government, too, the prime minister said, “the government must exit people’s lives as soon as possible.”Today, the Summit has grown in stature to be counted among the most prestigious conferences in the country. Watch: Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019: Conversations for a better tomorrow 

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Kareena Kapoor on working equation with Akshay Kumar

To me Akshay is like coming home. He’s like family. There is absolute comfort when I work with him: Kareena Kapoor

5:18 pm IST

Kareena Kapoor on why she is not on social media

I’m way too relaxed to constantly be on social media. I might just be a stalker on Instagram: Kareena Kapoor

5:16 pm IST

Applied for an Indian passport: Akshay Kumar

I’m Indian. It hurts me when people doubt that. I have applied for an Indian passport: Akshay Kumar

5:12 pm IST

Akshay Kumar on his charity initiatives

I’m from Delhi. Dilli dilawalon ki hoti hai. I’m uncomfortable talking about it. I’m fortunate to carry out my responsibilities as a privileged person: Akshay Kumar speaks on his charity initiatives

5:09 pm IST

Even PM was taken aback by questions I asked him: Akshay Kumar

Even the PM was taken aback by the questions I asked him. He was sweet enough to answer my questions, could’ve had me thrown out: Akshay Kumar

5:07 pm IST

Can do eight films a year: Akshay Kumar

I do four films a year. I am free 205 days a year. I can actually do 8 films a year: Akshay Kumar

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Kareena Kapoor says she never regrets turning down movies

Kareena Kapoor says she was offered the lead role in Queen movie. “I never look back,” she said.

5:03 pm IST

Proud to play a transgender person in Laxmi bomb: Akshay Kumar

I consider myself lucky that I got to play a transgender person in Laxmi bomb. I’m proud of that role: Akshay Kumar

5:01 pm IST

Even Charlie Chaplin did slapstick: Akshay Kumar on criticism for Housefull 4

I don’t want to be tagged as one kind of actor. Slapstick is also a genre, it’s a huge genre. Charlie Chaplin used to do it : Akshay Kumar

4:59 pm IST

Want to be paid as much as Akshay Kumar: Kareena Kapoor

On the pay disparity between male and female actors, Kareena Kapoor said, “I want to be paid as much as Akshay Kumar.”

4:57 pm IST

Like taking risks personally and professionally: Kareena Kapoor

No one had the faith in me to play a prostitute in Chameli, including the producer. Haven’t looked back since Chameli. I like taking risks, professionally and personally: Kareena Kapoor

4:57 pm IST

Be honest with your work, Akshay Kumar’s advice to budding actors

Had 14 flops in a row, but I always had work. If you are professional and a producer’s actor, work hard, you will always have work. This is for all the people who want to join this industry. Be honest with your work: Akshay Kumar

4:51 pm IST

Be honest with your work, Akshay Kumar’s advice to budding actors

Be honest with your work, Akshay Kumar’s advice to budding actors

4:49 pm IST

Akshay Kumar reveals when he decided to be a ‘hero’

I remember when I was being beaten up by my dad for failing class 7, it was allowed then. That’s when I said I want to be a ‘hero’: Akshay Kumar

4:43 pm IST

Was behind camera when Akshay gave his first shot: Kareena Kapoor

I was actually behind the camera when Akshay Kumar gave his first shot in a movie, says Kareena Kapoor

4:35 pm IST

Family conversations were only about vegetables: Kareena Kapoor

Dinner table conversations weren’t about movies. Dinner table conversations were about vegetables, says Kareena Kapoor

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It’s crazy that we know more about space, less about water: Phelps

“It is crazy that we know more about space, less about water. Water covers 70% of Earth. The talk on water safety and mental health are both personal but they can change the world,” said Michael Phelps.

4:31 pm IST

You can’t do something overnight, have to go through the process: Phelps

“You can’t do something overnight, you have to go through the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day,” said swimming champion Michael Phelps

4:28 pm IST

Helps in sports if you start early: Michael Phelps

“Tiger had a club in his hand when he was one. I started when I was seven. It helps in sports if you start early. Goal setting gives you a purpose on a daily basis,” said the swimming champion.

4:25 pm IST

Michael Jordan was my hero: Michael Phelps

“Michael Jordan was my hero. When he was on the court, he gave it his all. He didn’t let outside things affect him. He changed the sport of basketball. I wanted to do that to swimming,” said the swimming champion.

4:25 pm IST

My wife is a big influence: Michael Phelps

“My wife is a big influence. We have been together for 13 years. We have learnt together,” said Michael Phelps. The swimmer also said that he doesn’t want his kid to follow his profession. “It won’t be fair, cause he has to live upto my footsteps,” he said.

4:22 pm IST

Want to come back more in India: Michael Phelps

“We are a worldwide foundation. My sister came over to India for a swim school. This is the 4th time I am in India in last few years. I would love to come back and teach people. Let’s get a swim school, let’s help,” said Michael Phelps.

4:19 pm IST

Raised by an amazing lady, my mother: Phelps

“I was raised by an amazing lady, my mother. We had a very tight knit support, my support system. I wouldn’t be here without my mom. She made me the person I am today,” said Michael Phelps.

4:15 pm IST

Don’t know if I ever competed in a clean heat: Phelps on doping

Michael Phelps, speaking on doping in swimming, said, “I don’t know if I ever competed in a clean heat. I feel there were dopers I competed against in my career. There is one organisation that can change it and they don’t want to do it. The change has to come from the top and it has not happened.”

4:13 pm IST

Climbing up to the mountain top is easy, staying there is difficult: Phelps

“I wanted to finish my career on my terms. In 2012, I felt I didn’t do what I had to do. I chose I wanted to come back and the coach said we will do it my way. I trusted the process.On comeback, I felt like a high school kid.That was the best part of my journey,” said Phelps.

“Climbing up to the mountain top is easy, staying there is difficult.,” he added.

4:11 pm IST

It’s okay to not be okay: Phelps

“It’s okay to not be okay. I saw myself strictly as a swimmer and not as a human being. That was scary. I still has day when I go through struggle, go through anxiety. I had to find out who I am. I still have depression spells. It will remain a part of me. It makes me what I am. As a male athlete, I thought I couldn’t say I have an issue going on,” said the swimming champion.

4:09 pm IST

Felt I didn’t want to be alive after 2012 Olympics: Phelps

“Coming back from the 2008 Olympics was the hardest time for me. I chose to skip two weeks of practice here and there. In 2012, I got away with having a decent Olympics without putting in much work. I got what I deserved.Two races in 2012 still this day frustrate me. I felt I didn’t want to be alive after the 2012 Olympics,” said Phelps

4:05 pm IST

Eating was a full-time job for me: Michael Phelps

“Eating was a full-time job for me. Had to stay on top of it to maintain my weight,” said Phelps

4:03 pm IST

Making of a champion is mostly mental: Michael Phelps

“The making of a champion is mostly mental. Mind is a powerful tool, you use it to your advantage. As a kid, I removed the word can’t from my vocabulary,” said swimming champion Michael Phelps.

4:02 pm IST

My losses were best things that could happen to me: Phelps

“My losses were the best things that could happen to me. It’s all strategy for making sure you can finish a race. It is about not overdoing the first 50. Using my emotional energy well. If I have a bad race, I need to put it away,” said the swimming champion.

4:01 pm IST

I knew my competitor better than they knew themselves: Phelps

“I knew my competitor better than they knew themselves,” said Michael Phelps, adding, “I swam so many races. I was always conscious of what the other athletes were doing because I knew I would swim against them at some point.”

3:58 pm IST

Coming back from Sydney Olympics without medal was biggest motivation: Phelps

The swimming champion said, “Coming back from the Sydney Olympics without a medal was the biggest motivation for me.”

“I think I trained harder than anybody else. I did things that people dreamt about doing in water, in terms of practice. I wanted to win the medal, I wanted to be in top of the podium. It wasn’t about chasing the medal record, it was doing the best I could. I trained harder than  anyone else. I was putting myself in best position to win medal,” he added.

3:57 pm IST

Was swimming 80 to 100 thousand metres a week: Phelps

“I was swimming 80 to 100 thousand metres a week. Hard work that I was doing was going to pay off at some point. 10 practice in a week, working on the core, everything around the life was based on the pool,” said Phelps.

3:55 pm IST

Eat, Sleep, Swim: Phelps’ mantra

The swimming champion said, “Eat, Sleep, Swim” is his mantra and that he qas in water in Christmas, birthdays, holidays.”

“When you take a day off in swimming, it takes you 2 days to get back. Everything in my life was based around the pool. If something doesn’t help my swimming, I would drop it,” he said.

3:54 pm IST

My long arms, shorter legs really helped in swimming: Phelps

“I have been the same weight all my career. My long arms and shorter legs really helped me in swimming,” said Michael Phelps.

3:52 pm IST

Wasn’t mentally and physically ready to take part in Olympics: Phelps

“I wasn’t really ready, I didn’t tie my suit in the first Olympics. I learnt from each Games,” said the swimming champion.

3:51 pm IST

Phelps opens up on taking up competitive swimming

“I saw my sister go around the world and that made me take it up,” said Michael Phelps on taking up competitive swimming.

“My coach told me I could make the US Olympic team, I dropped all other sports and took up swimming. 4 years later, made the first Olympic team. I came back pretty disappointed. Six months after my first Olympics, I got my first World Record,” he said.

3:46 pm IST

Once I overcame fear of water, it became fun: Swimming champion Michael Phelps

I started in water strictly for water safety. I didn’t want to get my face wet, when I first got into water.  Once I overcome my fear, it got really fun

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‘I order Punjabi dinner’: CEO Goyal on what he orders on Zomato

“I am a fan of Punjabi food. So, I order Punjabi dinner,” said CEO Deepinder Goyal on what he orders on Zomato.

Goyal also said that Zomato’s goal is to “ensure clean food for everyone”.

3:26 pm IST

Figured if I can serve world’s most complicated country, I can serve anywhere: BetterU CEO

“I have figured that if I can serve the world’s most complicated country, I can serve anywhere,” said BetterU CEO.

3:25 pm IST

We have a mobile society today that travels more: Beautiful Destinations CEO

“We connect with millions of people around the world. When we started, we started on Instagram. We are more connected. We have a mobile society today that travels more. We have this enormous opportunity to tap on this,” said Beautiful Destinations CEO Jeremy Jauncey.

3:20 pm IST

Our model deals with education to employment: Zomato CEO

“Part of our model deals with education to employment, not just in India but outside of here, too,” said BetterU CEO Brad Loiselle.

3:13 pm IST

In India, relationships come above contracts: BetterU CEO

“In Canada, contracts are very important and here the relationship is very important. It’s not the same in Canada. And, I am writing a book on this. The title of the book is ‘Building a Billion Relationships in India. And, I prefer that. I prefer working with people over paper,” said BetterU CEO Brad Loiselle on difference working in India and abroad.

3:06 pm IST

Had to ramp up security outside offices: Zomato CEO on row over delivery boy’s religion

“This wasn’t the first time that we have taken a stand for what we believe in. But, this was the hardest stand that we had to take. There were bigger issues offline. We had to ramp up security outside across our offices,” said Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal on religion row.

3:05 pm IST

Our goal is to be profitable and sustainable: BetterU CEO

“Our goal is to be profitable and sustainable. We had to invest a lot of our own money. Because, we are a company from Canada. We have been finding it hard to raise funds in India,” said Brad Loiselle , president and CEO of BetterU.

“We will raise money. But, our business isn’t driven by money,” he said.

3:02 pm IST

Raising money is still possible for good businesses in India: Zomato founder

“Harder to raise money, but good companies can raise money in good times and bad times,” said the Zomato founder, adding the food delivery platform will raise 500-600 million in next 6 months.”

3 pm IST

Zomato is already supplying clean food to restaurants: Zomato CEO

“Zomato is already supplying clean food to restaurants, around 10% of our revenue. We certify our food as ‘hyper pure’. We work directly with farmers,” said Zomato CEO Goyal.

2:56 pm IST

Tech only business isn’t enough anymore: Zomato CEO

“The businesses these days do not revolve around tech anymore. Yes, it provides access to people to reach our platform. But, this business is more than that, it’s not tech anymore,” said Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal

2:52 pm IST

I didn’t know anything about India, then I heard about Modi: BetterU CEO

“I didn’t know anything about India. Then, I heard about Modi. I listened to one of his speeches on education. I thought, I should come here,” said BetterU CEO Brad Loiselle.

2:51 pm IST

2,50,000 people hired in last 18 months: Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal

“Zomato has become something we have never thought. We have hired 2,50,000 people in last 18 months,” said Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal.

2:45 pm IST

We serve 48 million people in India every year: Zomato founder

The journey has been great. It’s been a great 11 years. We serve 48 million people in India every year. Outside India, we serve 25 million people. We serve in 11 countries now,” said Zomato founder & CEO Deepinder Goyal

2:34 pm IST

We can be more creative at home by experimenting: Chef Blumenthal

“We can be more creative at home by experimenting,” said the celebrity chef on creativity factor in cooking.

“Write the word wine in round letters. On the other side if the paper, write it in jaggedly letters. Have a sip of wine after looking at each side. You can play around with different sounds too,” he said.

2:33 pm IST

Less choice forces creativity: Chef Blumenthal on veganism

On veganism, celebrity chef Blumenthal said, “Less choice forces creativity.”

“There’s a lot of talk about eating meat and veganism. How many vegans eat their food with palm oil? So if we go into the ethics it is complicated,” he said.

2:32 pm IST

Humans share intimate relationship with food: Chef Blumenthal

“The most intimate relationship humans have with is with their body and breath, then it’s water and then comes food. So, they have relationships with breathing, water and food,” said celebrity chef Blumenthal.

2:24 pm IST

Like in the movie Ratatouille, we personalise taste: Chef Blumenthal

“That moment in the end of the movie Ratatouille, is what we do in the restaurant, personalisation of the meal,” said celebrity chef Blumenthal.

2:20 pm IST

We should cook food with love, gratitude, connection: Chef Blumenthal

“There is a reason we say grace before eating. We should cook food with love, gratitude and connection,” said the celebrity chef.

On living more fully, chef Blumenthal said, “Take a raisin, look at it, roll it around between your thumb and forefinger and look where the light shines and feel the raisin softening and then put it in your mouth and eat it while enjoying the connection with it that will be the best raising you will ever eat,” said Heston Blumenthal.

2:17 pm IST

Advertising industry has found ways of benefitting from food industry: Chef Blumenthal

“The advertising industry has found ways of benefitting from food industry. When you are reading your Kindle, your Kindle is reading you,” said chef Blumenthal.

“We’re too distracted, you might be talking about someone’s open heart surgery with someone, and they would turn around and ask you if you saw a certain TV show last night,” he said.

2:14 pm IST

If we were more mindful, we will eat less: Chef Blumenthal

“We eat too much food, if we were more mindful, we will eat less.Next time, you have red wine picture, someone who fills you with happiness and have a sip. Then picture someone who fills you with hate and take another sip. It tastes completely different,” said the celebrity chef.

2:08 pm IST

No cooking without imagination: Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal

“Imagination is creativity. The current education system was developed in the victorian age. What has happened is that we are becoming more fearful of being part of the groups we have formed. Without imagination we would not have been able to make anything,” said chef Blumenthal.

2:05 pm IST

I taught myself French by reading books: Chef Blumenthal

“I taught myself French by reading books, I was fluent in French cooking but couldn’t walk into a French bank and ask for a cheque book,” said Chef Blumenthal

2:02 pm IST

Chef Heston Blumenthal speaks at HTLS 2019

“I was born in the 60s in London and there was G7 summit in London, in which Jacques Chirac said Britain has worst food in the world. And food in the 70s was terrible,” said celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

12:58 pm IST

Netflix is committed to artistic freedom, says founder Hastings

“We have to comply to the local laws and courts. Sacred Games is in every country, we have British show Sex Education where a 16 year old is helping his friends about sex issues. The show is everywhere including Saudi Arabia. With Delhi Crime, some people thought we shouldn’t tell that story. But, we are committed to artistic freedom. Some people may find these shows controversial. But, with entertainment, there will be some form of controversy,” said Hastings on regulation of content on Netflix.

“Every country is wrestling with some aspect of internet. Some think broadcast standard should apply to internet. But broadcast is pushed into every home. Governments now have self regulation code that is a good solution,” he added.

12:55 pm IST

‘If we have amazing content, people will pay’: Hastings on Netflix pricing

“What we are trying to figure out how to make our content better. If we have amazing content, people will pay for that. We understand, pricing is low here and market is large which is why we introduced 199 for mobile,” said Hastings on Netflix pricing in India.

12:53 pm IST

We don’t spend much on marketing, we spend on our shows: Netflix founder

“We don’t spend much on the marketing side, we spend on our shows. Because, our business revolves around subscriber happiness. We believe in word of mouth publicity,” said Netflix founder Reed Hastings when asked about user acquisition cost.

12:48 pm IST

Netflix isn’t importing or sharing user data, says founder Hastings

Netflix isn’t importing data or sharing data. So, your data is completely safe. We aren’t into advertising business where we use your behaviour to sell you things. We work around a simple model, where we are supposed to please you,” said Netflix founder Hastings.

“Parents, in my view, should set limits for children on screen time,” he added.

12:41 pm IST

What Netflix is focused on is storytelling: Reed Hastings

“In terms of big disruption, you can’t tell in advance but what we are focused on is storytelling,” said Netflix founder Reed Hastings

12:38 pm IST

Netflix have to be better than anybody else at pleasing audience: Hastings

“We compete with Disney, Hotstar and Amazon. We have to be better than anybody else at pleasing you,” said the Netflix founder.

12:35 pm IST

Next 5-10 years going to be golden age of television: Netflix founder

“Next 5-10 years are going to be the golden age of television,” said the Netflix founder.

Talking about Indian content available on Netflix, he said, “27 million households outside India started watching Mighty Little Bheem this year.”

12:34 pm IST

Storytelling is similar because humans are similar: Hastings

“Storytelling is similar because humans are similar. The most important thing is steadily learning what people want to watch. Artistic success is very subtle, we try our best but we are as good or bad as anyone else,” said Reed Hastings.

12:32 pm IST

Novels, not Netflix, introduced binge concept: Netflix founder

“Novels, not Netflix, introduced binge concept,” said Netflix founder Reed Hastings.

“The more traditional companies are trying other models but we want to give our audience to have flexibility to watch when they want,” he said on if binge watching is declining.

12:28 pm IST

India likes drama; Sacred Games is one of our biggest success: Netflix founder

“People like drama in India, Sacred Games is one of our biggest success,” said the Netflix founder.

“We have 160 million subscribers across the world. We launched in 2016, we continue to invest. We will spend 30,000 crore developing content,” added Hastings.

12:21 pm IST

I am an hour a day person, not a heavy viewer: Netflix’s Reed Hastings

“I am an hour a day person, not a heavy viewer” said Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO on how much time he spends watching TV.

Talking about the platform, Hastings said, “Netflix caters to every age group. We have shows for kids and elders alike.”

12:16 pm IST

I had to learn to walk: Commander Tomy

“The road to recovery was a long one. I had a fractured spine. I had to learn to walk again,” said Commander Tomy.

“Brushing my teeth was like one hour in gym. I am going to replace all bones with Titanium now,” he said.

12:13 pm IST

I read 100 Years of Solitude every year: Commander Tomy

Talking about his admiration for author Gabriel Garcia Marques, Commander Tomy said he reads “100 Years of Solitude every year.”

12:12 pm IST

My son is going to be a sailor: Commander Tomy

“My son is going to be a sailor and I am going to be his manager,” said Commander Tomy.

“We have named him Abhraneel, which means ‘blue sky’,”he said.

12:10 pm IST

I thought angels came to save me: Commander Tomy on his rescue

“When I heard the knock, I thought I am dreaming and angels have come to save me,” said Commander Tomy about the time when he was rescued.

12:08 pm IST

My wife gave a green signal to go back to sea: Commander Tomy

“My wife had a stressful time when I was stranded in that boat, but she has given her green signal to me to go back to sea,” said Commander Tomy.

12:04 pm IST

Didn’t know whether I will come out of this alive or not, but knew even this will pass: Commander Tomy

“I had a fractured spine. I didn’t know whether I will be able to walk again or not. I didn’t know whether I will come out of this situation alive or not. But, I knew even this situation will pass,” said Commander Tomy.

11:58 am IST

Afraid of people not the sea: Commander Tomy

“You need a strong will to survive any situation. If you give up, no matter what you do, you can not win over the situation,” said Commander Abhilash Tomy.

“Afraid of people not the sea,” he said on his struggle during the 72 hours he was stranded on a yacht.

11:52 am IST

I was on a broken boat with a broken back: Commander Abhilash Tomy

Commander Abhilash Tony narrated his ordeal when he was stranded in sea for 72 hours. “I was on a broken boat with a broken back,” he said.

11:50 am IST

Commander Abhilash Tomy speaking at HTLS 2019

Commander Abhilash Tomy speaking at HTLS 2019.

11:44 am IST

Failure is a stepping-stone for success: KM Birla

“Failure is a stepping-stone for success. I haven’t faced any big failures myself unless you call the telecom one, which I don’t think is one,” said KM Birla.

11:42 am IST

You have to take the rough and tumble yourself: KM Birla on what he told his kids

On parenting, KM Birla said he tells his children that they “have to take the rough and tumble” themselves.

“Times have changed and you have to stay contemporary,” he said.

11:39 am IST

Research has shown family promoted groups do very well in long run: KM Birla

“Research has shown family promoted groups do very well in the long run,” said KM Birla.

11:31 am IST

For economy to grow at 6-7%, it needs more credit supply: KM Birla

“If the economy has to grow at 6 to 7 %, it needs much more credit supply and this makes a case to give out more banking licences,” said KM Birla.

11:29 am IST

We will shut shop, says KM Birla if Idea Vodafone does not get more govt support

KM Birla said if Idea-Vodafone doesn’t get more government support, they will have to “shut shop”.

11:25 am IST

If GST is brought down to 15%, that would be a huge stimulus: KM Birla

“If GST is brought down to 15%, that would be a huge stimulus to the economy,” said KM Birla.

11:23 am IST

Another 18-20 months for economy to recover: KM Birla

“There is a case for the government to give greater stimulus to the economy. The economy will take another 18-20 months to recover,” said KM Birla.

11:21 am IST

Animal spirits always there in India: Kumar Mangalam Birla on economy

“The animal spirits are always there in India,” said Kumar Mangalam Birla on the economy.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday defied expectations by keeping its policy rate unchanged at 5.15% even as it downgraded its growth projection for the year to 5%

11:18 am IST

No reason why we should stand with clauses against India in RCEP: KM Birla

“There are clauses against India in RCEP and I don’t see a reason why we should stand with it,” said Kumar Mangalam Birla at HTLS 2019

11:13 am IST

We have moved towards global meritocracy: Kumar Mangalam Birla

“From a patriarchal setup, we have moved towards a setup of global meritocracy,” said Kumar Mangalam Birla

“We are moving away from globalisation towards regionalisation,” he said.

11:10 am IST

Kumar Mangalam Birla speaks at HTLS 2019

Aditya Birla Group chairman is speaking at HTLS 2019.

11:04 am IST

Law and order data should be provided to everyone: PM Modi

“Law and order is a state issue, but on the basis of communication and information, it is very important that such data is inter-linked and is provided to everyone. We’re bringing a change to this,” said PM Modi.

10:55 am IST

Govt is working towards performance-oriented politics: PM Modi

“The government is working towards performance-oriented politics which will ensure a better tomorrow for the country,”said PM Modi in his inaugural address at the HTLS 2019

10:52 am IST

After historic deductions, India became the country with lowest corporate tax rates: PM Modi

“The historic deductions in corporate taxes has made India the country with the lowest corporate tax rates. It has also strengthened our position to invite investment and manufacturing. We’ve started an e-assessment scheme to stop harassment of the traders of the country,” said PM Modi

10:48 am IST

We discuss new initiatives with policymakers for better policies: PM Modi

“The government is brainstorming with the policymakers from different sectors to provide better future to the countrymen. We discuss new initiatives for better policies,” said PM Modi

10:43 am IST

Govt must exit people’s lives as soon as possible: PM Modi

“For a better tomorrow, the government needs to work in the core areas. Good governance will provide a better future to the people of the country. The government must exit people’s lives as soon as possible,” said PM Modi.

10:41 am IST

Govt working towards connecting 15 crore houses to clean water: PM

“In the near future, we’re working towards connecting 15 crore houses to clean water. Today, India, with full confidence, is working towards turning itself in a $5 trillion economy. It is directly linked with the income of middle class and a better tomorrow,” said PM Modi

10:39 am IST

Govt to bring scheme worth 100 lakh crore for world-class infra in India: PM Modi

“For better tomorrow, we need world-class infrastructure. In the years to come, government will bring scheme worth 100 lakh crore,” said PM Modi.

10:36 am IST

Govt showed courage to merge banks which helped in recapitalisation: PM

“Earlier, when banks were nationalised it was celebrated with fanfare, newspapers wrote articles about it. Our government showed the courage to merge banks and helped in recapitalisation. There is pressure on banking sector and we will work to improve it,” said PM Modi.

“I do not run away from responsibilities,” he said.

10:33 am IST

India improved its ranking in ease of doing business: PM Modi

“India has improved its ranking in ease of doing of business. An improvement of 79 ranks was seen this year,” said PM Modi.

10:28 am IST

Working towards making India a 5 trillion economy: PM Modi

“The government is working towards making India a 5 trillion economy. The 5 trillion dream will enhance the ease of living and for this our government will be enabler and promoter,” said PM Modi

10:25 am IST

We practise politics of performance not politics of promises : PM Modi

“Unlike the previous governments, we aren’t practising politics of promises, instead we are taking the country towards politics of performance,” said PM Modi.

“We have set goals for ourselves and have promoted this culture of performance,” he said.

10:23 am IST

Decisions taken by govt reflects belief of people of India: Modi

“The transformative decisions taken by the government in the first six months of Modi 2.0 reflects the belief entrusted upon them by the mandate given by the people of India,” said PM Modi.

10:16 am IST

Ayodhya verdict proved that we can have a better tomorrow: PM Modi

“Ramjanmabhoomi verdict proved that we can have a better tomorrow. We can’t be chained by the past. People were casting aspersions that the verdict will cause unrest in the country. But, the people of the country proved them wrong, said PM Modi at HTLS 2019

10:12 am IST

Article 370 repeal gave a ray of hope for a better future: PM Modi

“Article 370 move brought new hope for lakhs of people in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh,” said PM Modi.

10:10 am IST

Conversations lay the foundation for a better tomorrow: PM Modi

PM Modi, speaking at the HTLS 2019, said, “conversations lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. They are a way forward for any society. They provide the impetus to march forward.”

10:08 am IST

PM Modi speaks at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019

PM Modi is speaking at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019.

10:01 am IST

PM Modi at HTLS 2019 venue

PM Modi has arrived at HTLS 2019. The Prime Minister will be delivering the inaugural address and begin the conversation for a ‘Better Tomorrow’

9:56 am IST

Award-winning English restaurateur Heston Blumenthal

International celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal , the 53-year-old English restaurateur is the ultimate culinary showman, playing on childhood memories and culinary history (primarily Britain’s) to craft edible experiments. For instance, the multi-sensory experience he calls Sound of the Sea is seafood, seaweed, kelp arranged to resemble a strip of beach, accompanied by an iPod in a conch that plays beach sounds as you eat.

9:43 am IST

‘Conversations for a Better Tomorrow’ at the 17th HT Leadership Summit

Thought leaders from various fields will be coming together to discuss, debate, ideate and hold ‘Conversations for a Better Tomorrow’ at the 17th HT Leadership Summit over the course of two days.

9:40 am IST

17th edition of HTLS to begin shortly

Guests line up at the venue as the 17th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit will be beginning shortly.


9:28 am IST

PM Modi to address HTLS 2019 shortly

PM Modi will be addressing the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019 in a short while from now.


9:27 am IST

HTLS 2019 Day 1 Speakers

The 17th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019 will see riveting discussions by political leaders, corporate heads among others.

Here’s the list of speakers on Day 1:

1. PM Narendra Modi

2. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group

3. Commander Abhilash Tomy, Indian Navy

4. Reed Hastings, Founder & CEO, Netflix

5. Heston Blumenthal, Chef

6. Brad Loiselle, President & CEO, BetterU

7. Deepinder R Goyal, Founder & CEO, Zomato

8. Jeremy Jauncey, Founder & CEO, Beautiful Destinations

9.Michael Phelps, Swimming Champion

10. Akshay Kumar, Actor

11. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Actor

9:01 am IST

Commander Abhilash Tomy: Only Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo

Champion sailor Commander Abhilash Tomy, who became the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe onboard his boat Mhadei - solo, non-stop and unassisted in 2013, will be in conversation with Rahul Singh of Hindustan Times.

8:59 am IST

Kumar Mangalam Birla, Netflix’s Reed Hastings among speakers

Kumar Kumar Mangalam Birla, who took over as Chairman of the Aditya Birla at the age of 28, will be in conversation with Shireen Bhan. Netflix founder Reed Hastings, who has changed the way the world is entertained through his streaming service, will also be sharing his insights and learning from the venture.

8:44 am IST

HTLS 2019: Conversations for a better tomorrow

PM Narendra Modi is set to deliver the inaugural address at this year’s thought conclave. Through the day, there will be speakers covering a broad range of topics across disciplines.

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