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Top 10 quotes from PM Modi’s address to soldiers of Indian Army in Ladakh

PM Narendra Modi addressed Indian Army soldiers during his visit to Leh amid an ongoing border standoff with China.

india Updated: Jul 03, 2020 15:58 IST | Edited by Abhinav Sahay | Edited by Abhinav Sahay
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses soldiers during his surprise visit to Ladakh, at Nimmoo in Leh on Friday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses soldiers during his surprise visit to Ladakh, at Nimmoo in Leh on Friday.(ANI Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the soldiers of the Indian Army deployed in the eastern Ladakh sector along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China on Friday and paid glowing tribute to their valour while delivering a strong message to China by recounting India’s history of repulsing attacks by ‘invaders’. Here are the top 10 quotes by PM Modi

1. “Your bravery and your dedication to safeguard mother India’s honour is not comparable. Your endurance is not inferior to anyone in the world. No one in the world can compete with the tough situations and the heights you embrace while serving mother India. Your courage is taller than the heights you are deployed in. Your resolve is stronger than the valleys you walk every day and your arms are as strong as the rocks that surround you. The strength of your will is indomitable like the mountains around you. I can feel it and see it today, as I am amongst you.”

2. “The knowledge that the country’s security is in your hands and is protected by your strong resolve offers reassurance not just to me but to the entire country, which has unflinching faith in you. The fact that you are guarding the borders, serves as an inspiration for the fellow countrymen to work day and night for the motherland. The resolve of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ becomes stronger because of you, your sacrifices and bravery.”

3. “The bravery that you and your compatriots have shown recently, has sent a message to the world about India’s strength. I am looking at women soldiers in front of me. In the battlefield, at the border, this view is inspiring.”

4. “I use my voice today, as was once said by national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, to speak of your bravery and to salute you. I again offer my tribute to soldiers who were martyred in the Galwan Valley. The bravado and the lion-like roar of these braves has made even the earth speak of their valour. Every countrymen’s head bows with respect before your bravery. Every Indian citizen’s chest swells with pride because of your bravery. This earth is full of tales of your gallantry. The bravery of 14 Corps is being talked about everywhere. The world has seen your courage and the tales of your bravery and fortitude are echoing in every house in the country.”

5. “Bharat Mata’s enemies have seen your fire and fury. Friends, this part of Ladakh is India’s symbolic head and it represents the prestige and pride of 130 crore Indians. This land belongs to the braves that worship mother India and are ever ready to sacrifice their all for her. “

‘The enemy has seen your fire and fury as well’: PM Modi in address to soldiers in Ladakh

6. “This earth belongs to the brave. I can see your ability and your resolve in your eyes and on your face. You are the brave soldiers of the same land that has repulsed attacks by several invaders and tyrants for thousands of years. We are the same people who pray to the flute playing Lord Krishna but we are also the same people who idolise and follow the ‘Sudarshana Chakra’ carrying lord Krishna.”

7. “India has emerged stronger after every such attack. The world recognises that peace and friendship are very important for the growth of any country or of humanity, but we also know that those who are weak can never initiate peace. Bravery is a prerequisite for peace.”

8. “India is increasing its strength in all three realms of water, air and land guided by the principle of the wellbeing of the entire mankind. When India is developing modern weaponry and bringing the latest technology for its armed forces, then the message behind is driven by the well being of humanity.”

‘Leading from the front’: Top ministers hail PM Modi’s surprise Ladakh visit

9. “Whether World Wars or peace, whenever the need arises, the world has seen the victory of our braves and their efforts towards peace. We have worked for the betterment of humanity. All of you are leaders establishing this tradition of the country.”

10. Age of expansionism is over, now, is the age of development. The policy of development is the foundation of mankind and is the only policy relevant today. History has witnessed that the expansionist policy has hurt humanity the most. Expansionist policy has always threatened world peace. History has witnessed that such forces have either lost or were forced to turn back. This is what the world has experienced so far and it has once again made up its mind against the policy of expansion.

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