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Summer 2024 fashion guide: From antique white to marble blue, 10 trending colour combos for your wardrobe

By, New Delhi
Apr 12, 2024 07:56 AM IST

From refreshing pastels to bold statement hues, embrace the vibrant spirit of summer with these must-have colour combinations for your wardrobe in 2024.

As the summer season unfolds and temperatures rise, it's time to refresh your wardrobe with thoughtful consideration. Your choice of colours and tones has a huge impact on how you are perceived in terms of styling and fashion. While some colour combinations can enhance the look of your ensemble, others may just look out of place and not as summer-ready. "When perusing for new additions, prioritize garments crafted from lightweight, breathable fabrics with flowing silhouettes, ensuring comfort in the sweltering heat. Indian wear undergoes a notable transformation this season, embracing themes such as Romantic Renaissance, Underwater Fantasticalness, Mermaid Core, and Free Masculinity. Each theme exudes summertime allure while catering to diverse style preferences, promising a revitalizing update to your closet," says Anuradha Chandrashekar, fashion expert, co-founder and chief creator, ICH Next. (Also read: Top fashion trends for spring 2024: Sheer whites, retro revival, sustainable chic and more )

Get ready to refresh your summer wardrobe with the hottest color combinations of 2024(Instagram)
Get ready to refresh your summer wardrobe with the hottest color combinations of 2024(Instagram)

"Speaking of colour combos in trend, calming hues are the flavour of the season. They emanate optimistic harmony, reimagining traditions with an innovative twist. Summer 2024 is going to be about romantic hues which showcase the past, blended in with the iridescent vibrancy of the future and grounded with deep, rustic cultural colours. Based on extensive research, the following colour combinations have consumer behaviour and preferences at the forefront, making them the central focus for trend prediction. When these colour combinations are strategically placed at the right time and in the right context, consumers show a strong inclination to choose them," says Anuradha Chandrashekar, fashion expert, co-founder and chief creator, ICH Next.

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She added, "In Indian menswear, colour combinations evoke Indo-European influences, characterized by a harmonious blend of pastel hues that exude a sense of tranquillity and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the archives of a bygone era, these colours infuse contemporary life with a timeless allure."

Must have colour combos for summer

Anuradha further shared with HT Lifestyle colour combinations that will be seen everywhere and are bound to become favourites this summer.

1. Blue Mustang and Ash Leather

It is as calming as it gets. Inspired by the globally iconic Mustang blue, this metallic tinted combines with the greyed palette of Ash leather to deliver an ultimate luxury experience.

2. Antique White and Ash

While we all love whites in summer, this unique combination of white with ash will give more depth to the season’s textures. A continuing trend of quiet luxury, this palette is here to stay.

3. Peach Tea and Biscuit

The colour Peach tea has been popular for quite some time but when combined with Biscuit beige the vibrancy of the colour can be seen more prominently.

4. Andaman Blue and Sea Green

Andaman Blue exudes a tranquil essence reminiscent of the island's pristine waters, while Sea Green evokes the calming tones of coastal landscapes. These refreshing colours not only add a vibrant touch to traditional attire but also serve as versatile staples for contemporary ensembles.

5. Digi Lavender and Sea Pink

An integral colour trend to the season, men’s Indian wear that has been embracing its flavour of pinks continues to experiment and explore. An ethereal palette, the colours immediately transport you to alternate realities and vacay vibes. Women’s Indian wear has always been about vibrancy, making the new season unique with its reflection of surrender and romance. Navigating a delicate, soft palette the season evolves to imbibe more dramatic hues like citrus and purple.

6. Herbal Pink and Tea

While pink has always been a favourite, this hue- herbal pink emanates a feeling of summer, yet is soothing to the eyes. Combined with tea colour, you can be sure that not many will be seen with the same colour combination.

7. Marble Blue and Grey

This combination of blue and grey goes well for formal as well as casual occasions and gives you the confidence of dark hues when you want your dress to stand out.

8. Mermaid Purple, Coral and Sea

Evoking the mystical charm of ocean depths, this combination exudes vacation elegance, vibrant warmth, and serene tranquillity, creating a whimsical aesthetic that captivates the imagination.

9. Ivory and Kaghaz

While white on white is the summer trend, combining different hues of white like ivory and kaghaz will give depth to the dress.

10. Citrus and Seaweed

In a refreshing twist on colour palettes, Citrus and Seaweed converge to create a dynamic and invigorating combination in contemporary fashion. Citrus tones inject a burst of energy with their vibrant and zesty hues, while Seaweed offers a grounding element with its earthy and organic shades.

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