How to heal from unresolved trauma? Expert shares tips

Published on Apr 19, 2022 09:43 AM IST

“We can’t talk or think our way out of trauma. We have to learn how to be. How to forgive ourselves. How to find meaning in something greater than ourselves,” wrote Nicole.

How to heal from unresolved trauma? Expert shares tips(Unsplash)
How to heal from unresolved trauma? Expert shares tips(Unsplash)
ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Unresolved trauma always keep haunting us. It, in its own course of time, changes our perspective to things and make us fear situations. It also has a big impact on the way we operate, think, behave and treat ourselves. When years of unresolved trauma accumulates, we often submit to it and let it change us – making us unhappy and taking away the peace of our minds. However, it's time to take the first step to start healing. When we think of healing from trauma, we always think of being nice to ourselves and to our bodies – but it is not always like that. As Psychologist Nicole LePera sees it, sometimes it's all about “learning how to return to the body.”

Nicole LePera addressed the issue of unresolved trauma and how to heal from it, on her latest Instagram post. She noted down the practices and tips that can be performed in order to find a way out of the trauma.

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Seeing parents as humans – Many of us come from emotionally abusive homes. We are also taught to see our parents as godlike figures and superhumans. But if we start seeing them only as humans like us and knowing that they are also allowed to do mistakes, it will help us in knowing that they are doing the best they can.

Regulating the nervous system – The nervous system of the body needs adequate sleep, resilience to be healthy and the need of being flexible. Time with nature and sunlight is also important for the body to feel good.

Return to the body – Unresolved trauma makes us stay inside our mind most of the times. Sometimes it is important to feel our current presence and return to the body. Feeling ourselves being present in a safe body helps in healing.

Being compassionate to ourselves – The journey of evolution that we go through requires us to be compassionate to ourselves. It's important to be our own cheerleader, and non-judgmental to ourselves.

Self-care – Trauma teaches us that we are not important or worthy to be taken care of. It's important to follow a self-care routine where we can make promises to each other and take efforts in making ourselves feel happy.

Being accountable – It is important to witness the role we play in each situation of life and take responsibilities accordingly. It is also okay to evolve when things start being uncomfortable for us.

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