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Happy Independence Day: From tiranga macarons to tricolour idlis try these interesting recipes for I-Day

Happy Independence Day 2020: Indians won’t be able to indulge in Independence Day celebrations like every year on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some recipes that you can make while you observe I-Day quarantined at home.

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Celebrate Independence Day with these delicious recipes
Celebrate Independence Day with these delicious recipes (Hebbar’s Kitchen/ Divya’s Zaika/ Rachel Goenka/ The Ashok)

August 15 marks the day when Indians gained their freedom from the British Raj and is celebrated in India annually as Independence Day. This year marks the 74th Independence Day of India, and since the past 73 years, our great nation has been free from British rule. But it is important to note that this freedom came at the cost of the men, women and innocents who lost their lives for their nation. Each year, there are flag hoisting ceremonies across the country, and citizens gather together to express their patriotic spirit.

But this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, most people will be celebrating this joyous occasion from the safety of their homes keeping health, safety and social distancing norms in mind. Here are some recipes that you can make while you observe Independence Day quarantined at home.


Idlies with a twist.
Idlies with a twist. ( Divya’s Zaika )


•2 cups sooji, rava or semolina

•1 cup curd

•1 cup water

•1 packet Eno

•1 /8 teaspoon citric acid

•1 tablespoon greasing Oil for and tadka

•1 teaspoon mustard seeds

•2 - 3 tablespoons coriander chutney green

•1/2 tea Orange spoon food colour

•1/4 teaspoon green food colour

For Green Chutney

•a bunch coriander leaves

•1 tablespoon ginger

•2 chilies green

•to taste salt

•lemon juice

•1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds


•In a deep mixing bowl. Take semolina, curd and water. Mix it well using a spoon.

•Now add citric acid, salt, and oil into the same mixture of semolina and curd. Mix all these together.

•This is the main batter and we will leave it to rest for about 20 minutes.

•After the batter has been rested, again add 1/2 cup water, or as required. We want a semi thick consistency.

•Since we are making tricolour idli, divide the batter into 3 parts as shown below. Divide equally using a spoon.

•Use a microwave safe idli maker. It is like a steamer, where you put water at the bottom tub and place the idli stand on the top one. The steam will come out of these tiny holes and will cook our idli.

•Fill half a glass of water and pre-heat this for 1 minute. So that our water is heated when we will place the idlis.

•Grease the idli stand.

For White Idli:

•Take one part of the batter/ one bowl.

•Add 1/4 teaspoon Eno and mix it well.

•Grease the idli stand with oil and pour idli batter.

•Place it on top of the idli maker and microwave it on high temperature for about 8 minutes.

•Once 8 minutes are over, you will see idlis have leave the sides.

•Using a toothpick check if its cooked or not.

•Remove the idlis.

For Green idlis:

•Firstly, prepare green chutney. For that, in a mixer blender jar - take fresh coriander leaves, grated ginger, jeera, green chilies and a little bit of water.

•Blend it well and take out in a bowl.

•Add lemon juice and salt to taste. Our green chutney is ready.

•Now take the second batch of the batter and add 2-3 tablespoons of green chutney. It totally depends on the colour you want.

•Add 1/2 teaspoon eno, mix well and instantly pour into the greased idli maker.

•Microwave it for 8 minutes.

•Once done, check using a toothpick and take them out.

•It is important to add eno at the end, otherwise it won’t come soft.

For Saffron Idli:

•Take the last batch / bowl of the batter and add saffron/ orange colour to it. You can go for grated carrots or tomatoes too.

•Mix the colour well and add 1/2 teaspoon of eno.

•Mix it and instantly pour into the greased idli stand.

•Microwave it for 8 minutes. Once done, check using a toothpick.

Courtesy of Divya Gattani Rathi


Perfect snack for kids and adults alike.
Perfect snack for kids and adults alike. ( Hebbar’s Kitchen )


•3 bread slices, while / wholemeal

•1 tsp green chutney

•Few lettuce leaves

•1 cheese slice

•½ tsp pepper, crushed / powdered

•1 tsp mayonnaise sauce, eggless

•1 medium sized carrot, grated

•salt to taste


•Firstly, cut the sides of 3 white or wholemeal bread. use sides to prepare breadcrumbs by just grinding into fine powder.

•Now on one bread slice, apply generous amount of green chutney.

•Layer it with lettuce leaves for green layer. alternatively use sliced cucumber for green layers.

•Followed by a cheese slice and crushed black pepper.

•Further, place another slice of bread to get white layer.

•Now spread mayonnaise sauce generously. alternatively, use butter if required.

•Spread grated carrot forming the orange layer.

•Also season with some salt and crushed black pepper.

•Place the third bread slice and press gently.

•Cut the sandwich into half forming triangle.

•Finally, serve tiranga sandwich or three-layered sandwich to kids in their snack box.

Courtesy of Hebbar’s Kitchen


Macaroons and patriotism combined.
Macaroons and patriotism combined. ( Rachel Goenka )


•1 cup icing sugar

•1/3 cup almond powder

•1 cup castor sugar

•1/4 cup egg white

•1/3 cup water

•2 drops green colour

•2 drops orange colour


•¼ cup white chocolate

•1/3 cup fresh cream

•2 pcs vanilla beans


•Place the almond flour and icing sugar in a food processor and pulse to get a fine consistency.

•Put the granulated sugar and water into a small heavy-based saucepan and heat on medium, without stirring.

•Start beating the egg white and then add the cooked sugar mixture to the beaten egg white. Whisk until the mixture is cool. The mixture should become shiny and thick.

•Scrape the meringue into the almond mixture using a rubber spatula. Divide the batter in two parts. Add the green colour to one and orange colour to the other.

•Start folding and squashing the mixture against the side of the bowl rotating the bowl with a quarter turn after each fold. Be sure to firmly scrape the bottom of the bowl with the spatula, so you don’t leave a layer of almond paste there.

•Pipe the coloured batter onto the cookie sheets.

•Once you have piped the macarons, bang each sheet on the countertop 2-3 times to release any excess air.

•Let the macarons sit at room temperature for 45 minutes or till completely dry.

•Pre-heat the oven on 130ºC.

•Once the shells have dried completely, bake macarons (one sheet at a time) for 15-17 minutes.

•Remove from oven and cool completely.

Method for Ganache Filling

•Heat the cream in a pan. Add the vanilla beans in it and let it boil for 3-4 mins to get the vanilla flavour.

•Melt the white chocolate in a microwave and then add it to the infused cream. Mix and let it cool completely.

Method for Final Filling and Serving

•Transfer the mix into a piping bag

•Pipe onto the green shell and place the orange shell on the top to get the three colours.

•Serve with beverage of your choice or relish the macaroons as is.

•Pro-Tip: Avoid making your macarons on a particularly humid day. Look for the day of the week with the least humidity. Cool, dry weather is best.

Courtesy of Rachel Goenka


Tricoloured delight.
Tricoloured delight. ( The Ashok )

Ingredients for Cake

•1 kg eggless cake mix

•550 ml water

•50 ml oil

•2-3 drops vanilla essence

•2-3 drops orange bakery colour

•2-3 drops green bakery colour

Ingredients for Butter Cream Icing

•300 gm white butter

•50 gm icing sugar

•2-3 drops vanilla essence

•2-3 drops orange bakery colour

•2-3 drops green bakery colour


•Mix water, oil, essence and the cake mix.

•Separate the mixture into three parts, in one part add few drops of green colour and in another part add few drops of orange colour.

•Pour all three batters into trays and bake in oven at 160ºC for 45 minutes.

•Cool the sponge and cut in thin layers for making pastry.

•Beat the butter, essence, and icing sugar thoroughly to make the icing, now divide the icing into 3 parts.

•Add orange colour to one part and green colour to another part.

•Now arrange the different coloured sponges one on top of the other according to the flag colours.

•Decorate with three different icings in a design as desired and cut into pastry size pieces.

•Pro-Tip: If you want whisking to be a smooth affair, make sure the eggs and butter are at the same temperature.

Courtesy of Chef Arvind Rai

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