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Best year end deals: Pick from top 10 picks, avail up to 83% off on projectors

ByNivedita Mishra
Dec 28, 2023 06:17 PM IST

Best year end deals: If you are keen on picking up a projector for home, then now is the time to do so as you can get great deals on them.

Year-end deals offer a golden opportunity for those eyeing projectors, combining quality with cost-effectiveness. Projectors, known for their versatility in entertainment, business, or educational settings, become particularly enticing during these sale periods. Opting for projectors during year-end deals presents a chance to secure high-quality devices at discounted prices, making it an opportune time to invest.

Best year end deals: It is sale time and picking up a projector would be good idea as you can get mega discount.
Best year end deals: It is sale time and picking up a projector would be good idea as you can get mega discount.

These devices cater to diverse needs, whether it's for immersive home theatre experiences, impactful business presentations, or interactive classroom sessions. During year-end sales, renowned projector brands often offer discounts on their latest models, showcasing cutting-edge technology. Features such as enhanced resolution, improved brightness, and wireless connectivity options become more accessible, elevating the overall viewing or presentation experience.

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Moreover, projectors are versatile gadgets that evolve with technological advancements. Year-end sales often introduce upgraded models or clear out previous inventory, providing an opportunity to acquire last year's premium models at reduced rates. This enables buyers to access higher-tier specifications or features within a more budget-friendly range, ensuring a better return on investment.

Additionally, these deals often extend to accessories or bundles, allowing users to complete their setup with screens, mounts, or additional connectivity options. It's a comprehensive way to obtain a complete projection solution without compromising quality or breaking the bank. Hence, leveraging year-end deals for projectors not only promises cost savings but also ensures access to cutting-edge technology, transforming entertainment, professional, or educational setups for the better.

1) EGate O9 Pro Zen, Full HD Native 1080p, 9600L (690 ANSI), Projector Home 4K Android | ARC HDMI | Auto (Focus + Keystone + Tilt + Screen Fit + Obstacle Shift) | Dolby | 2X(WiFi + BT) (EO9025, Black)

The EGate O9 Pro Zen projector delivers an exceptional home entertainment experience with Full HD Native 1080p resolution and an impressive brightness of 9600L (690 ANSI), ensuring vivid and crisp visuals. Its advanced features include ARC HDMI, Auto functionalities for Focus, Keystone, Tilt, Screen Fit, and Obstacle Shift, guaranteeing hassle-free setup and adjustment. With Dolby enhancement, this projector offers immersive audio, while its dual WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity provide versatile options for seamless content streaming and device pairing, making it an all-in-one powerhouse for enhanced cinematic experiences.

Specifications of EGate O9 Pro Zen Projector:

Resolution: Full HD Native 1080p

Brightness: 9600 Lumens (690 ANSI)

Connectivity: ARC HDMI, Dual WiFi, Dual Bluetooth

Auto Features: Focus, Keystone, Tilt, Screen Fit, Obstacle Shift

Audio Enhancement: Dolby support

High Brightness: Impressive 9600 lumens (690 ANSI) for vibrant, clear visuals.Potential Size Limitations: Higher brightness often accompanies larger and bulkier projectors.
Advanced Auto Features: Automated functionalities for easy setup and adjustment.Price Consideration: Advanced features may contribute to a higher price point.

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2) WANBO TT Auto Focus Netflix Certified Dolby HDMI ARC Projector for Home | Native 1080P Full HD 4K HDR Linux OS | 650 ANSI | Dust Proof Engine | 4D Keystone | Portable Home and Office Cinema

The WANBO TT projector boasts native 1080P Full HD resolution with 4K HDR support, ensuring stunning clarity and vividness in visuals. Equipped with a certified Dolby HDMI ARC and Linux OS, it delivers enhanced audio and versatile compatibility for an immersive home cinema experience. Its 650 ANSI lumens, coupled with a dust-proof engine, offer consistent brightness and durability. With a 4D Keystone feature and portability, it ensures easy setup and versatility for home and office use, making it an attractive choice for a dynamic cinematic viewing and professional presentations.

Specifications of WANBO TT Projector:

Resolution: Native 1080P Full HD with 4K HDR support

Certifications: Netflix Certified, Dolby HDMI ARC

Brightness: 650 ANSI lumens

Key Features: Dust Proof Engine, 4D Keystone

Portability: Designed for Home and Office Cinema

Certified Audio: Dolby HDMI ARC and Netflix Certification ensure high-quality audio.Moderate Brightness: 650 ANSI lumens might be dimmer in well-lit environments.
Versatile Usage: Suitable for both home entertainment and office presentations.Potential Limitation: Higher resolution might not be fully utilized due to lower brightness levels.

3) WZATCO Yuva Plus Android, Native 1080P Full HD 4K Support LED Projector for Home, 490 ANSI, 250" Screen | 5 Watt Speaker | 4P+4D Digital Keystone with Netflix, Prime etc | WiFi & BT

The WZATCO Yuva Plus Android projector presents an immersive visual experience with native 1080P Full HD resolution and 4K support, ensuring sharp and detailed imagery. With 490 ANSI lumens, it offers decent brightness, coupled with a 250" screen capacity, ideal for larger viewing areas. Its 5-watt speaker and 4P+4D Digital Keystone enhance audio and image alignment for optimized viewing. Additionally, featuring WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, this projector ensures seamless streaming access to platforms like Netflix and Prime, making it a versatile and engaging choice for home entertainment.

Specifications of WZATCO Yuva Plus Android Projector:

Resolution: Native 1080P Full HD with 4K Support

Brightness: 490 ANSI lumens

Screen Capacity: Up to 250 inch

Audio: 5 Watt Speaker

Keystone: 4P+4D Digital Keystone

High Resolution Support: Native 1080P Full HD with 4K compatibility for detailed imagery.Moderate Brightness: 490 ANSI lumens might be insufficient in well-lit environments.
Versatile Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming and device pairing.Audio Limitation: While a 5-watt speaker is present, it might not deliver premium audio quality for larger spaces.

4) EGate O9 Zen Projector, 1st with Auto Physical Incline + Digital offset, Auto (Focus, Keystone, Screen Fit, Obstacle Shift), ARC HDMI, FHD 1080, 9000L, 4k HDR Support, Android9, 2GB/32GB(EO9023,Black)

The EGate O9 Zen Projector introduces innovative features like Auto Physical Incline and Digital Offset, ensuring optimal positioning for enhanced viewing experiences. Boasting auto functionalities for Focus, Keystone, Screen Fit, and Obstacle Shift, setup becomes effortless. With ARC HDMI and FHD 1080 resolution, visuals are crisp and vibrant, amplified by an impressive 9000 lumens and 4K HDR support. Running on Android 9 with 2GB/32GB, it offers versatile app compatibility and storage capacity. This projector, identified by model EO9023 in Black, stands as a technological marvel, ensuring immersive and convenient multimedia experiences.

Specifications of EGate O9 Zen Projector:

Resolution: Full HD 1080p with 4K HDR Support

Brightness: 9000 Lumens

Key Features: Auto Physical Incline + Digital Offset, Auto Focus, Keystone, Screen Fit, Obstacle Shift

Connectivity: ARC HDMI

Operating System and Storage: Android 9 with 2GB/32GB

Innovative Features: Auto Physical Incline, Digital Offset, and versatile auto functionalities enhance user convenience.Possibly Bulkier: Higher brightness might lead to a larger and bulkier projector.
High Brightness: Impressive 9000 lumens ensure vibrant visuals even in well-lit environments.Pricing: Advanced features might reflect in a higher price point.

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5) WANBO X5 Full HD Native 1080P 4K HDR, 1100 ANSI | Projector for Home Android 9.0 Quad Core CPU (1GB +16GB) | Fully Automatic | 10W Speaker | WiFi 6, Dual Bluetooth (in-Out) | Outdoor Cinema

The WANBO X5 projector redefines home entertainment with its Full HD Native 1080P resolution and 4K HDR support, delivering stunning visuals at 1100 ANSI lumens. Powered by Android 9.0 and a Quad-Core CPU with 1GB/16GB, it ensures seamless operations and ample storage. Its fully automatic system, coupled with WiFi 6 and Dual Bluetooth, allows versatile connectivity. With a potent 10W speaker and designed for outdoor cinema experiences, this projector offers an immersive viewing platform, ideal for both indoor movie nights and captivating outdoor screenings.

Specifications of WANBO X5 Projector:

Resolution: Full HD Native 1080P with 4K HDR Support

Brightness: 1100 ANSI lumens

Operating System and Storage: Android 9.0 Quad-Core CPU (1GB + 16GB)

Audio: 10W Speaker

Connectivity: WiFi 6, Dual Bluetooth (in-Out)

High Brightness: 1100 ANSI lumens ensure vivid and clear visuals.Possibly Limited RAM: 1GB RAM might limit multitasking or heavy app usage.
Versatile Connectivity: WiFi 6 and Dual Bluetooth for extensive connectivity options.Storage Capacity: 16GB storage might be insufficient for storing a large amount of media content.

6) EGate i9 Pro with Keystone, Bluetooth & Tripod, FHD 1080 Support & 720p Native, 1800L (180 ANSI), 4k Support from HDMI & TV Stick, 381cm Screen | Bluetooth in-Out, Vertical Keystone | (Ei9027, White)

The EGate i9 Pro projector, marked by model Ei9027 in White, offers versatile features including FHD 1080 support, native 720P resolution, and 1800 lumens (180 ANSI), ensuring vivid imagery. With 4K support via HDMI and TV Stick, it facilitates enhanced visual experiences. Equipped with Bluetooth in-Out functionality and Vertical Keystone correction, it ensures seamless connectivity and easy adjustments for optimal viewing. Its 381cm screen capacity coupled with a tripod stand makes it an adaptable and efficient device for immersive home entertainment or professional presentations.

Specifications of EGate i9 Pro Projector:

Resolution: FHD 1080 Support & Native 720P

Brightness: 1800 lumens (180 ANSI)

4K Support: Supported via HDMI & TV Stick

Screen Capacity: Up to 381cm

Connectivity: Bluetooth in-Out, Vertical Keystone

Versatile Connectivity: Bluetooth in-Out allows diverse device connections.Brightness Level: 180 ANSI lumens might limit clarity in well-lit spaces.
Flexible Adjustments: Vertical Keystone correction for easy screen alignment.Possibly Limited Resolution: Native 720P might not satisfy those seeking higher native resolutions.

7) AUN Free Style Projector for Home 4K 1080p Support Native 720P HD Projector YouTube Primevideo Netflix Hotstar & More Apps Android 11 5G WiFi Auto Keystone 3500lumen 176" Screen Home Cinema Projector

The AUN Free Style Projector for Home offers versatility with native 720P HD resolution and support for 4K 1080p content, ideal for streaming from YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and more via Android 11. Its 5G WiFi capability ensures seamless connectivity, while the Auto Keystone feature simplifies screen adjustments. Boasting 3500 lumens, it delivers clear and vibrant visuals on a sizable 176" screen, creating an immersive home cinema experience, making it an excellent choice for diverse multimedia entertainment needs.

Specifications of AUN Free Style Projector for Home:

Resolution: Native 720P HD with 4K 1080p support

Brightness: 3500 lumens

Operating System: Android 11 with multiple app support (YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc.)

Connectivity: 5G WiFi

Key Feature: Auto Keystone for easy screen adjustments

Versatile Multimedia: Supports various streaming apps, catering to diverse entertainment preferences.Possibly Limited Native Resolution: Native 720P might not cater to those seeking higher native resolutions.
High Brightness: 3500 lumens offer clear visuals, even in moderately lit environments.Potential for Noise: Higher brightness levels might lead to fan noise in operation.

8) EGate i9 Pro-Max Bluetooth Projector, Full HD 1080p Native with 4k support, Real 300 ANSI on Screen Brightness, 210" (534 cm) Screen | AV, VGA, HDMI, SD Card, USB, AUX, 3watt Speaker | (E03i31, Black)

The EGate i9 Pro-Max Bluetooth Projector, model E03i31 in Black, offers an immersive cinematic experience with Full HD 1080p native resolution and 4K support. Displaying real 300 ANSI lumens, it ensures bright and vivid visuals on a sizable 210" (534 cm) screen. Featuring versatile connectivity options including AV, VGA, HDMI, SD Card, USB, and AUX, it accommodates various media sources. With a 3-watt speaker, it delivers decent audio, enhancing the overall entertainment experience for movies, presentations, or gaming sessions.

Specifications of EGate i9 Pro-Max Bluetooth Projector, model E03i31 in Black:

Resolution: Full HD 1080p Native with 4K support

Brightness: Real 300 ANSI lumens

Screen Size: Supports up to 210" (534 cm)

Connectivity: AV, VGA, HDMI, SD Card, USB, AUX

Audio: Equipped with a 3-watt speaker


High Resolution and Brightness: Full HD with 4K support and 300 ANSI lumens ensure excellent picture quality.Possibly Limited Speaker Output: The 3-watt speaker might not deliver high-quality sound for larger spaces.
Versatile Connectivity: Multiple input options accommodate various media sources.Lumens Limitation: Brightness might be insufficient in well-lit environments or larger screens.

9) WZATCO Yuva Plus (Upgraded) Native 1080P Full HD Projector with 4K Support, True 420 ANSI on Screen Brightness (Best in Segment), 250" Screen | 5 Watt HiFi Speaker | Slide Lens Door

The upgraded WZATCO Yuva Plus boasts Native 1080P Full HD resolution with 4K support, delivering exceptional visuals. With a remarkable 420 ANSI lumens, it leads in brightness within its segment, ensuring vivid and clear images even on larger 250" screens. Equipped with a 5-watt HiFi speaker, it provides immersive audio quality. The slide lens door feature simplifies lens protection and access. This projector amalgamates impressive brightness, resolution, and audio, making it an attractive choice for enhanced home entertainment experiences.

Specifications of WZATCO Yuva Plus boasts Native 1080P Full HD Resolution with 4K Support:

Resolution: Native 1080P Full HD with 4K support

Brightness: True 420 ANSI lumens (Best in Segment)

Screen Size: Supports up to 250" screen

Audio: 5-watt HiFi speaker for immersive sound

Feature: Slide lens door for easy access and protection


Impressive Brightness: Leading 420 ANSI lumens ensures clear visuals, even on larger screens.Possibly Limited Native Resolution: Native 1080P might not meet expectations for ultra-high-resolution enthusiasts.
Enhanced Audio: The 5-watt HiFi speaker delivers immersive sound quality.Built-in Speaker Limitation: Audio quality may vary for larger rooms or outdoor settings.

10) EGate K9 Pro-Max Automatic, Full HD 1080p Native, 6900L (400 ANSI), Android Projector for Home 4K, 534cm Max Screen | Auto Focus, Auto Keystone | Dual WiFi & BT | Netflix, Prime & more (E08i33, Black)

The EGate K9 Pro-Max brings exceptional entertainment with Full HD 1080p native resolution and a remarkable brightness of 6900 lumens (400 ANSI), ensuring vivid and sharp visuals. Its Android-based system supports 4K content on a massive 534cm screen. Features like auto-focus and auto keystone correction optimize the viewing experience. With dual WiFi and Bluetooth, it offers seamless connectivity and access to various streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime. This projector in black, the E08i33 model, combines high resolution, brightness, and smart functionalities for immersive home entertainment.

Specifications of EGate K9 Pro-Max:

Resolution: Full HD 1080p native resolution

Brightness: 6900 lumens (400 ANSI)

Screen Size: Supports a maximum screen size of 534cm

Features: Auto Focus and Auto Keystone correction

Connectivity: Dual WiFi & Bluetooth capabilities

Compatibility: Offers access to streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime, and more

Model: E08i33 in black

High Brightness: Offers 6900 lumens (400 ANSI), ensuring vivid and bright visuals, suitable for various lighting conditions.Potential Noise: High brightness projectors might generate more operational noise, which could be a concern in quieter viewing environments.
Smart Features: Includes auto-focus and auto keystone correction, streamlining setup and enhancing the viewing experience.Higher Power Consumption: Higher lumens often require more power, potentially resulting in increased energy consumption compared to lower brightness projectors.

3 best features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
EGate O9 Pro ZenFull HD Native 1080p9600L (690 ANSI)ARC HDMI, Auto (Focus + Keystone + Tilt), Dolby
WANBO TT Auto FocusNative 1080P Full HD 4K HDR Linux OS650 ANSIDolby HDMI ARC, Dust Proof Engine, 4D Keystone
WZATCO Yuva Plus AndroidNative 1080P Full HD 4K Support490 ANSI, 250" Screen5 Watt Speaker, 4P+4D Digital Keystone, WiFi & BT
EGate O9 Zen ProjectorAuto Physical Incline, Digital offset, ARC HDMIFHD 1080, 9000L, 4k HDR SupportAuto (Focus, Keystone, Screen Fit), Android9
WANBO X5 Full HDNative 1080P 4K HDR1100 ANSIAndroid 9.0 Quad Core CPU, WiFi 6, Dual Bluetooth
EGate i9 ProFHD 1080 Support, 720p Native1800L (180 ANSI)4k Support from HDMI & TV Stick, Bluetooth & Tripod
AUN Free Style ProjectorNative 720P HD, Android 113500lumen, 176" Screen4K 1080p Support, YouTube Primevideo Netflix Hotstar Apps
EGate i9 Pro-Max Bluetooth ProjectorFull HD 1080p Native, 4k supportReal 300 ANSI on Screen BrightnessAV, VGA, HDMI, SD Card, USB, AUX, 3watt Speaker
WZATCO Yuva Plus (Upgraded) Native 1080PNative 1080P Full HD Projector with 4K SupportTrue 420 ANSI on Screen Brightness (Best in Segment)250" Screen, 5 Watt HiFi Speaker, Slide Lens Door
EGate K9 Pro-Max AutomaticFull HD 1080p Native, Android Projector for Home 4K6900L (400 ANSI)Auto Focus, Auto Keystone, Dual WiFi & BT, Netflix, Prime

Best value for money


The AUN Free Style Projector for Home stands out as the best value-for-money choice among these options. Offering a Native 720P HD projector with support for 4K 1080p content, it ensures versatile streaming from platforms like YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, and more. Sporting Android 11 and 5G WiFi, it allows seamless connectivity and access to a plethora of apps. With Auto Keystone and a 3500-lumen 176" screen, it delivers impressive visuals, making it an affordable yet feature-packed solution for immersive home cinema experiences.


Best overall product

The EGate K9 Pro-Max Automatic emerges as the best overall product within these options. Boasting a Full HD 1080p Native projector with 6900L (400 ANSI), it ensures bright and clear visuals on a large 534cm screen. Featuring Dual WiFi & BT, it offers versatile connectivity and access to various streaming services like Netflix and Prime. Its Auto Focus and Keystone functionalities alongside Android compatibility make it a feature-rich and user-friendly choice for immersive home cinema experiences.

How to buy best projector in India


To acquire the best projector in India, consider essential factors. Begin by defining your purpose, whether for home entertainment, professional presentations, or educational use. Evaluate key features such as resolution, brightness (ANSI lumens), connectivity options, and throw distance compatibility with your space. Research reputable brands, read user reviews, and compare specifications across models. Opt for projectors with native 1080p or 4K resolution for superior image quality. Lastly, factor in budget constraints and consider year-end deals or promotions for cost-effective purchases. Prioritize features that align with your needs to secure the ideal projector for your requirements in India.

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority.

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