Cover of the book by author Sunil Sihag ‘Gora’.
Cover of the book by author Sunil Sihag ‘Gora’.

Book review: A tale through seasons of love and life

Sunil Sihag Gora, an ex Air Force personnel and author, attempts to take the readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, drama and romance, in his book titled Day Turns Dark.
By Naina Arora, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JUN 14, 2021 12:22 PM IST

Friendship, drama, romance, fight — there’s a bit of everything in the book titled Day Turns Dark, penned by an ex Air Force personnel. Through his protagonists, author Sunil Sihag ‘Gora’ takes the reader back to the summer of ’99, and then unravels the story of how a group of teens mature into adults.

The very first chapter gives a sneak into the ‘thrills and spills of the immature story’ of Nitin and Harleen. The story begins with Nitin being in agony, going into a mental state of shock and depression because of losing his grandmother, due to a case of accidental poisoning. As the plot builds up, and summer makes way for monsoon and winter, Nitin — for his grandma’s deteriorated health — ends up blaming Harleen, who is left inconsolable and feels unable to bear the blame. The author then, while building each character and showcasing their flaws, tries to unfold the tale for in an intriguing way, lending more depth to how relationships face the socio-economic circumstances.

There’s particularly one chapter, which like a whiff of fresh air will take you to old school romance as it introduces Harleen as the ‘beautiful damsel’ in school of Punjab, and describes the loving bond of Nitin with his grandmother, and his friendship with Ronny. Besides, the twists and turns in the story, such as the re-entry of Harleen is attempted to be a dramatic one. And the book overall endeavours hard to poke one with the question of whether broken hearts can accept new relationships.

Title: Day Turns Dark

Author: Sunil Sihag ‘GORA’

Publisher: Write India Publishers

Price: 199

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