Holy Grail beauty 101: Skincare and makeup

Scouting for makeup and skincare products is never an easy task
Holy Grail beauty 101: Skincare and makeup (Photos: Shutterstock)
Holy Grail beauty 101: Skincare and makeup (Photos: Shutterstock)
Published on Sep 29, 2021 04:12 PM IST
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By Vrinda Chaturvedi

Scouting for makeup and skincare products is never an easy task. As the cosmetics industry is booming, so does the demand for novel products. Every other day, new beauty brands debut and new products are unveiled. The question then arises is, which beauty and skincare products are worth experimenting with? Although, there are dozens of items that can make the list yet we have whittled it down to a few of the products that intrigue and mystify women all over the world.

Understanding the skin is the most comprehensive way to start prepping up for makeup. So, before we take a whirlwind tour of the cosmetic products that empower women to embrace their natural features, we first take a look at the ride or die skincare products that lay the base for it all.

1. Facewash: Gel cleansers are effective at decongesting clogged pores, removing excess oil and killing acne-causing bacteria, thanks to their antiseptic and exfoliating properties. On the other hand, foam cleansers are great for removing makeup.

2. Vitamin C serum: It is a powerful antioxidant that gives a smooth, glowy and even complexion. Chose products made with L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. “Use serums that contain ascorbic acid, also known as L-ascorbic acid — the most active form of vitamin C,” says Mona Awasthy, skincare expert.

3. Moisturiser: Moisturizing the skin is a must and the moisturizer should always be used depending on the skin type. Control your oily skin by choosing lightweight moisturizers which are oil-free or non-greasy. Look for products which contain hyaluronic acid in a lotion, serum or gel formula to ensure that hydration is locked in while grease is banished. “When it comes to dry skin, look for powerful and rich products in creams and gels which contain hydrating ingredients, like shea butter, hyaluronate, ceramides and lanolin,” says Dr Hemant Singh, dermatologist.

4. Sunscreen: Contrary to popular belief, applying sunscreen should be a part of one’s daily skincare regime regardless of whether one is stepping out or not. “When choosing a sunscreen, consider your skin type. Do you have dry skin that doesn’t do well in the sun? Then you need a sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, specifical sunscreen for oily skin is recommended as it will be water-based instead of oil-based thus a sunscreen gel is recommended for oily skin,” says Dr Sirisha Singh, dermatologist.

5. Aloe VeraKanchan Mehra, a makeup artist says, “The holy grail of natural products that I would recommend would be, aloe vera mixed with castor oil for massage which is suitable for every skin type. This can be followed by a thorough cleanse with tomato juice and milk mixed with kesar for a skin that glows. I also make my own scrub which is a mixture of flax seeds, oatmeal and rice powder.”

Holy Grail Beauty 101: Skincare and makeup essentials
Holy Grail Beauty 101: Skincare and makeup essentials

After a rigorous skincare regime, it’s time to look at a range of ride or die products in makeup that we are sure you would love to know and apply, after all social gatherings have started and you have started getting invites to all parties. From eye shadows and liners that will make your eyes pop to lipsticks that will not budge, here are some of the products that are a must in the monsoon to transform your face.

1. Foundation: It lays the groundwork for your entire makeup look and helps you have an even complexion. “A primer holds your makeup in place and keeps it that way for long hours. Hence, if you are going to be using a foundation, ensure to dab on a small amount of primer. Also, choose a foundation that is lightweight and water-based,” says Sneha Sharma, a Delhi based make-up artist.

2. Concealer: “No matter how dark your eyes look; it is advisable to avoid using a concealer during monsoon. Instead, use a light foundation or BB cream to cover the dark circles,” suggests Awasthy.

3. Blush and highlighters: To add a flush of colour to one’s face and make facial features more prominent, use a cream blush. They add a little more definition to the face. “Powder blushes can wear off easily during monsoon, hence it is highly recommended to use a cream blush,” adds Manu Dahiya, a makeup enthusiast. Opt for light shades of blush to perfectly complement the weather.

4. The eyeshadow and eyeliner: To accent and highlight the eyes and make the lashes appear lush, one can use a brown eye liner which is currently in trend and an eye shadow palette with the season colours of pink, red and maroon. Roopali Agrawal, a makeup artist says, “Clear and glowing skin never goes out of style. However, as we age, our beauty needs change. For busy women however, some of the makeup products never go out of fashion - brown Kajal and and eyeliner. People also say that the eyes are a window to your soul. The season favourites this year are soft eyes with brown eyeliner which adds drama to the overall look.”

5. Lipstick: Nude lipsticks have become the recent trendsetters and are a go to for every person and for every occasion. “A matte lip colour works wonderfully during the monsoon season. It will not only last for a long time, but will also stay in place. You can dab a small amount of loose powder over a tissue on your lips to avoid the lipstick from bleeding,” adds Agrawal.

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