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Brain teaser: Can you measure time by using the burning pattern of two ropes? Mind-boggling puzzle goes viral

ByTrisha Sengupta
Apr 20, 2024 08:01 AM IST

While some gave solutions to the brain teaser, others were convinced that the rope-related puzzle was a trick question. What do you think?

Brain teasers are fun to solve. It is true that they often leave you scratching your head, but the result of solving such mind-boggling puzzles is undoubtedly satisfying. If that sentence made you nod, here is a viral puzzle that will leave you intrigued. The challenge is to measure time using the burning pattern of two ropes. Do you think you can solve it?

Do you think you have what it takes to solve this rope-related brain teaser? (Reddit/@onstep2)
Do you think you have what it takes to solve this rope-related brain teaser? (Reddit/@onstep2)

“What would be a logical (if even possible) solution to this?” a Reddit user wrote. The user further claimed that the question was asked in an interview conducted by JP Morgan.

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The puzzle reads, “2 ropes that each take an hour to burn nonuniformly. How do you measure 30 minutes of time?”.

Take a look at the puzzle here:

The post was shared a few days ago. Since then, the share has collected close to 7,600 upvotes, and the numbers are still increasing. The share has further prompted people to post varied comments.

What did Reddit users say about this brain teaser?

“Light both ends of one of them at the same time. When it burns through, it’s been 30 minutes. Take the second rope, and throw it away. The harder version is measuring 45 minutes. For that, light both ends of the first and one end of the second. After the first rope burns (30min), light the second end of the second rope, which will burn for another 15 min.” suggested a Reddit user.

“The answer to this is: with a clock, probably in my phone. It's a trick question to see if you're prone to find excuses to burn stuff. And apparently, you're all pyromaniacs!” joined another.

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“Pull out your phone and set a timer for 30 min. The ropes are a red herring and not related to the question in the 2nd sentence,” added a third.

“Strictly speaking, the question doesn't require you to use the ropes at all. It simply states the existence of two ropes, and then asks you to measure 30 minutes of time. So, ‘with a watch’ should be a valid (if smug and irritating) answer,” commented a fourth.

“Using a watch is completely valid because the question doesn't even mention any way to light the rope on fire. So if you're going to be looking for an additional tool anyway, why not use a clock of any kind instead of a lighter,” wrote a fifth.

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