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Decoding the viral skincare trends: Skin flooding vs skintermittent; what to try and when

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Jan 24, 2024 07:52 AM IST

In the world of skincare, skin flooding and skintermittent trends are making waves. Unsure which one to try and when? Don't worry, here's your complete guide.

Today's skincare trends offer consumers a wide range of choices by skilfully blending science, tradition and innovation. The industry has embraced both external and internal ways to meet individual skincare needs, demonstrating a dynamic quest for beautiful and healthy skin. Advanced chemical formulations were used as well as traditional Asian beauty practices. Amid all the information and misinformation one usually gets bombarded with, it can be hard for beauty enthusiasts to keep up with treatments that tick. The latest buzz is around "skin flooding" and "skintermittent", two novel treatments that promise fresh and glowing skin. So, what are these? And more importantly, are they really for you? Let's find out.

Skin flooding vs skintermittent: Decoding the popular skincare trends (Freepik )
Skin flooding vs skintermittent: Decoding the popular skincare trends (Freepik )

In an interview with HT Digital Dr Geetika Mittal, Cosmetologist & MD, International Aesthetics, founder and medical director, Isaac Luxe shared insights into the intricacies of both skin flooding and skintermittent techniques, to help you determine when to embrace each approach and how to integrate them into your skincare routine. (Also read: Benefits of HydroBooster: Why should women above 30 go for it? )

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Decoding the skin flooding and skintermittent trends

What is skin flooding?

Skin flooding involves saturating the skin with a single product or a set of products for intense hydration and nourishment. This treatment is effective against dehydration and dullness, promoting healthy and glowing skin.

When do you try skin flooding?

Try this technique if your skin is compromised by environmental stressors, weather changes, or prolonged exposure to air conditioning. It is believed to replenish moisture levels to renew dull-looking skin. You should try this before special occasions as it can leave your skin looking replenished instantly. Before skin flooding, exfoliation is advised as the skin would become more receptive to absorption. Using soothing and hydrating ingredients could calm the skin and reduce redness.

How to skin flood?

You should use a high-quality hydrating serum or essence with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides for locking moisture. Cleanse your face and allow the hydrating product to seep in. Be generous in your application, ensure complete coverage and follow up with a lightweight moisturizer to seal the deal. This prevents moisture loss and keeps skin supple.

What is skintermittent?

Skintermittent is a skincare philosophy derived from intermittent fasting that involves intentional breaks in skincare routines allowing the skin to reset and restore its natural balance.

When should you try skintermittent?

Skintermittent is advised for skin that is overburdened with extensive routine. It allows the skin to recalibrate and recover its natural composition. It is advised during travel and change of seasons to allow the skin to adapt to the environment. Skintermittent also aligns with the minimalist skincare philosophy as it emphasizes quality over quantity.

Bio-remodeling and hydro stretch therapy help enhance moisture retention, address fine lines and restore skin balance. While Profhilo is a popular innovative bio-remodeling treatment that employs ultrapure hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and reshape the skin, on the other hand, Viscoderm Hydrobooster, a hydro-stretch procedure, blends stabilized hyaluronic acid with essential nutrients to rejuvenate the skin.

The decision to opt for flooding and Skintermittent depends on your skin's individual needs. You should observe your skin's responses to find a suitable routine.

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